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I Told Biya to End Violence and organize an inclusive dialogue in the “North West and South West Regions”- Tibor Naggy



I told Biya to End Violence and organize an inclusive dialogue in the North West and South West RegionsTibor Naggy

Contrary to the piece of Propaganda put up to the public by pro Biya regime Media, CRTV claiming that Tibor Nagy’s stay in Yaounde has been strictly for business purposes, the truth has emerged from the horse’s mouth. As usual, the CRTV, La Republique state media had it interest in the story, to cover up Nagy’s real purpose and shadow it with what will derail everyone from the focus of the visit. Afterall, its the only media outfit stationed at Etoudi. Though private media were not allowed to asked him questions, Tibor stated that diplomatic discussions are usually private and confidential. However, prior to his visit and statements made, and his late yesterday tweet about the situations in Southern Cameroons could give us a picture of the said private, Frank and honest discussions he said to have had with Cameroun dictator, Paul Biya.

It is normal that, every diplomat visits his or her home community in a foreign land to talk business, social life and other societal aspects . That’s just what Tibor did upon his arrival and stay in Yaounde. That notwithstanding, his message to Paul Biya was undiluted as the Propaganda regime makes it seems.

After His meeting with Biya, Tibor Nagy took to his twitter account to announce what he had discussed with Biya.“Today, President Paul Biya and I discussed the way forward in our bilateral relationship , security assistance and human rights concerns in Cameroon. I also encouraged an end too violence and inclusive dialogue in the North West and South West Regions” Nagy Twitted.

Meanwhile, still in a frantic and deleterious move to distort facts and present a narrative best for Biya’s regime,a nincompoop Crtv Correspondents in Etoudi, Ashu Nyenty claims his stringers told him nothing was said about the political Prisoner of La Republique, Maurice Kamto. Still on twitter, Tibor wrote about Kamto; “Foreign Minister, Mbella Mbella and I had a constructive discussion today on areas of cooperation. I highlighted my concerns about the arrest of Kamto and others, encouraging Cameroon to ensure due process, peaceful Assembly and freedom of speech”

In all these twisting, it is clear that the Propaganda campaign of the regime is at peak. The fear and panic at Etoudi is at boiling point as the regime plays for time. Pressure continues mounting on Biya to hands-off affairs of the people of Southern Cameroons, retrieve his militia and free his political abductees. That pressure continues as his beleaguer plans on Ambazonia gain more international exposure.

Its appears Biya and his propagandists still think is yet to realise the era we are in, where no media got monopoly of information. Thanks to the social media, Mr Tibor Nagy has given his own side of the story. He hasn’t changed his position from his last outing on Cameroun before his arrival in the country.

It should be recalled that, Biya gave assurance to CAF President, AHMAD in same style that he is ready to host AFCON 2019. The CRV trumpeted a 70% readiness when the CAF Boss came visiting for first hand inspections, just to get back and withdraw hosting rights from the ‘Shithole” country.

BaretaNews reminds readers and viewers to always choose wisely where they get information and news especially about the struggle. CRTV and other Pro Regime media outfits like Vision4, Cameroun Tribune etc won’t ever tell you the fact or a simple truth. They tell the stories of their crumb masters.

However it maybe, Tibor Nagy might not be an angel completely. He has done his role which Ambazonians expect to see more meaningful outcomes in the days ahead. The hopes are that, the right thing continues to be done for Biya to answer to his atrocities towards Southern Cameroonians in higher places .

Tibor Nagy continues on his African tour from Cameroon on Tuesday March 19th

Sumelong Ekane


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