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Hungry Bali CPDM Militants: AMBAZONIA is MIGHTIER than Bread & Sardine.










Hungry Bali CPDM Militants: AMBAZONIA is MIGHTIER than Bread & Sardine.

Just before sound minded Ambazonians could swallow the recent insults of Mr Biya, on the victims of the Nalova-ochestrated police brutality on UB students and the Atanga-provocked mayhem of December 8, 2016 in Bamenda; an insignificant group of hired and teleguided individuals parading as CPDM militants, appeared in Bali Nyongha, brandishing what they called messages of thank you and support, to the colonialist, Pual Biya, under the full protection of colonial forces. What a provocative act.

With their beautifully designed and well printed placards, coupled with their neatly sown pro Biya fabric, but worn over hungry looking faces, one could immediately conclude that these were the willing tools in the hands of the slave master and privilege slave master, ready to be used and dumped. And it finally turned out came to public notice to be true, that these were young men and women of the Esau generation, ready to sell their God-given destinies for a slim loaf of rocky bread and a miserable tin of sardine.

One is therefore tempted to ask the following questions: How powerful is a loaf of bread and a tin of sardine in the 21st century, that could prompt a group of mature individuals, to risk their lives in a tense and resentful revolutionary atmosphere like that of the Northern zone of Ambazonia, and be dancing on the streets with the effigy of an enemy of the people? Has famine attacked Bali Nyongha, to the extent that men and women will want to sell their destinies for a loaf of bread and sardine? Where these hired demonstrators really from Bali? If yes, what happened to the anti-colonial spirit displayed by the warriors of Bali against Dr. Zintgraff and his forces during the German colonial occupation?

The show of shame in Bali and elsewhere in Southern Cameroons by the privilege slaves and their Bread and Sardine hired supporters, only show the extent to which egocentric and narcissistic so-called elite are willing to go in order to maintain the status quo. When an already oppressed and subjugated people willingly go dancing and matching in the streets for a loaf of bread, tin of sardine and a plate of stew-less white rice, distributed on the streets, one begins to wonder whether enough has really been done to revolutionize the brains of Ambazonians.

However, there will always be such characters in the society and in any revolutionary trajectory for the script to be complete. But if those hired, so-called CPDM supporters dancing to celebrate the appointment of an anti-decolonization agent like Atanga Nji, actually came from Bali, then such people must be warned not to further provoke an already provoked people.

In a revolutionary atmosphere like this, where precious lives have been unjustly lost; where families are grieving over the loss of their love ones; where the majority masses are ready to go through a little discomfort and get a better future for themselves and where the people want to live free or die; then, those who want to joke with such a venture or offer it in exchange for cash or bread and sardine, should be cautioned that they are on a deadly mission.

There is enough space in Yaoundé to dance and display with Mr. Biya’s effigy and CPDM fabric. The Ambazonian people are very much aware that what they seek is Mightier than a loaf of Bread and a tin of sardine. Those who seek to truncate this because of Bread and Sardine shall be heavily resisted.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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