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Human Rights Watch Advocates for a Formal Session to Stop French Cameroun’s Military Abuses.





Human Rights Watch Advocates for a Formal Session to Stop French Cameroun’s Military Abuses.
Human Rights Watch, an international human rights organisation has challenged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to as a matter of urgency include the conflict in Southern Cameroons as a formal item on its agenda. According to the organisation, there is need to take drastic action to halt the gross human rights violations against innocent Southern Cameroonians. The rights group made the call in their recent release, hours to the informal session of the UNSC on the disturbing situation in the Cameroons.
“Security Council members should call on the government of Cameroon and leaders of armed separatist groups to end abuses against civilians in the Anglophone regions and hold those responsible for abuse accountable,” said Lewis Mudge, Central Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “This meeting is an opportunity to remind abusers that the world is watching.” The release stated.
While listing a series of human rights abuses in the past weeks by both the colonial Cameroun and Ambazonia Restoration Forces, the rights organisation concluded that;
“In the follow-up to this meeting, the UN Security Council should make Cameroon a formal item on its agenda and press authorities to investigate members of the security forces alleged to have carried out killings and destruction of property and prosecute those responsible. It should also publicly announce to armed separatist groups that their leaders will be held responsible for serious crimes committed by their fighters.”
BaretaNews notes that today’s informal session of the UNSC, especially relating to the Southern Cameroons is the first of its kind since the post 1961 quest by Southern Cameroonians to restore their stolen politico-economic and cultural heritage by French Cameroun, through the illegal dissolution of Southern Cameroons post independence infrastructures. This, among other aspects of gross subjugation and marginalization of Southern Cameroonians have been deliberate attempts teleguided by Paris, France to completely recolonize and assimilate the sovereign people of the British Southern Cameroons.
As Ambazonians converged at the UN plaza in New York to make their voices heard this day of the informal session, those in the home front who are at the receiving end of colonial brutality from French Cameroun forces wish for a speedy resolution for not only a UN humaniterian intervention but that which will put a permanent end to this colonial conflict of which she (UN) and her key member states of France and Britain are largely responsible.
Passing sanctions on the rogue regime of French Cameroon without solving the problem is not what the people of Southern Cameroons want at this critical moment where their lives and blood have no value to Paul BIYA and his regime. The Ambazonia restoration fighters were not prepare for any war with Yaounde. They are only volunteer militarily unskilled youths who have chosen not to be killed like chickens by the BIYA regime.
The Amba force is not a professional force that is formally trained to be blamed for abuses carried out in the course of the execution of its self-defense mission. More to that, in the face of the ungoing confusion, it has become difficult to identify which group is fighting for independence restoration and which is doing kidnapping business under the coverage of fighting for independence. Consequently, unlike French Cameroun’s colonial forces who can be clearly identified and their attrocities visible to all, it will be unfair for any body to generalise all abuses by none-state armed groups on Ambazonia restoration forces.
James Agbor
BaretaNews Political Analyst


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