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SCACUF Secretary General Raises Hopes To Independence Restoration



In a statement issued on Friday, April 14th, by the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front (SCACUF) 35000 USD has been raised in pursuit for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons. It should be recalled that SCACUF had proposed that the Foley Hoag Law Firm is to lead Southern Cameroons through the restoration of her independence which according to SCACUF was stolen.

SCACUF noted that the money raised is the first step towards achieving their aim. Adding that the fight is getting to another level. They, however, noted that the struggle will be a complex one involving political, legal and diplomatic processes at the national and international levels. Per the statement issued by SCACUF, the process for restoration will commence in the weeks ahead and Southern Cameroonians will be updated as the procedures unfold.

They noted that the legal proceedings will be reviewed thoroughly by Southern Cameroons legal practitioners and local community stakeholders before the signing of the agreement with the Foley Hoag Law Firm so as to avoid betrayal of any sort and to keep trust in the course of the struggle.

This information has come to take the struggle to another dimension. Southern Cameroonians applauded Mr Tassang Wilfred and Barrister Eyambe for their efforts in rekindling the hope of restoration.

Furthermore, the information is coming at the time when the United Nations representative for Central Africa visiting the Cameroons had called on the government of La Republique to immediately release all Southern Cameroonian leaders and peoples in detention, to restore the internet and return to a constructive dialogue that will guarantee peace and respect for human rights. The UN SG representative also declared that the United Nations cannot interfere on cases of Federalism. This according to BaretaNews is a tacit anknowledgement of the Independence drive of Southern Cameroonians and opens to leeway for those who strive on the Independence of Southern Cameroons to push further.

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