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Hon. Kwei Andrew Suffers Consequences For Siding With Oppressors



Hon. Kwei Andrew Suffers Consequences For Siding With Oppressors

By Mbah Godlove

The parliamentarian of Oku and Noni Special Constituency, Hon. Kwei Andrew’s residence and business center have been razed to ashes.

The recent arson, according to media reports, was masterminded by gunmen.

The inferno occured just shortly after Honorable Kwei addressed members of his constituency on a presumed resolution of the over a month-old monologue that was held in La Republique du Cameroun’s (LRC) capital, Yaounde.

According to sources in the area, the Member of the LRC’s kangaroo Parliament’s outing was also to lure the people of the area and ready their minds for elections due to be conducted in Febuary 2019.

The politician was reportedly rebuked for having abandoned the people he was called upon to serve and sought refuge in dictator Biya’s French Cameroun which he has been loyal to, for years now — an act which prompted gunmen to ravage his assets.

Earlier in September when 86-year old President Paul Biya announced that a “national” dialogue should be held to serve as a sine qua non for an over 855000 (UNICEF’s figures) students who have been out of school for years now owing to French Cameroun’s military barbarism to return to classrooms.

Ambazonian intelligence sensed the ill intentions of their colonizer and warned that no Southern Cameroons citizen should take part in the four-day chagrin.

Many Ambazonians are now bent that the naughty sellout has to face the repercussions of siding with a government which has claimed over 15000 lifes in just less than five years.

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