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Hon Joseph Wirba an Ambazonian prophet?



Hon Joseph Wirba an Ambazonian prophet?

By Mbah Godlove

Barely five years after honourable Joseph Wirba declared at that French Cameroun parliament that the Ambazonian problem would grow into a full blown war if neglected, many now regard him as a prophet.

Borrowing from the ideals of the American war of Independence, honourable Wirba, frustrated at what he called “Annexation of southern Cameroons”, declared that, “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty”.

This spurred up what has now been widely known as the Ambazonia war of Independence.

Speaking nearly five years ago, the warrior warned that any military option from the Biya was going to result into more chaos.

“Even if you were going to take the whole of the French army and add to yours you will not defeat us (Southern Cameroonians)” he prophesied.

The colonial regime disqualified the prophetic message an went ahead to declare war on Ambazonia.

The said conflict has resulted into over 20 thousands deaths, displacement of millions and the razing of whole villages.

Conflict experts say the bloody war will not end any soon if the belligerents do not embarrass calls for a mediation.

It is owing to the unending nature of the war that many an Ambazonian has conferred on honourable Joseph Wirba, a title of a prophet.

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