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Higher Education Slams PAID and St. Monica



The Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, informs the Public in general and the Higher Education Community in particular that the Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) is not affiliated with the Higher Education System of Cameroun. Consequently, candidates registering in this institute for Bachelors, Master, and Ph.D. programs are doing so at their own risks, because their certificates are not going to be recognized by the Higher Education of Cameroon.

In the same vein, St MONICA University in Buea is not accredited to run Ph.D. programs and/or issue certificates at this. Anyone, holder of such a Ph.D. degree from St MONICA University in Buea should desist from using it because he/she is doing so in violation of the rules in force.

Furthermore, candidates wishing to register for any Private Higher Education Institute in Cameroon are advised to always verify the Ministry of Higher Education at or call the Department of Higher Education Development at 222 23 14 07 or 222 22 18 94 for information on the status of the Private Higher Education institute in question. investigations are ongoing at the Ministry of Higher Education to verify the accreditation status of Private Higher Educations Institutes all over the national territory and anyone caught acting ultra vires (against the law) shall be summoned to appear in front of the Ethics sub-committee of the National Commission for Private Higher Education in Cameroon for appropriate sanctions…the statement reads

Minister's Statement

Minister’s Statement

It, however, beats our imagination why the Ministry is concerned about PAID at this time. The institute has been for years doing a tremendous job without government intervention. Something should be wrong somewhere.

BaretaNews holds that Cameroonians especially young Cameroonians who just graduated from high school are mostly scapegoats of some of these private institutions. Cameroonians will have to make sure any private higher institute they enroll be accredited by the Higher Education Ministry. Most of these institutions dictate huge sum of money as fees with juicy names as programs to lure Cameroonians into them for study. While we think the government should step up its supervisory role on these private institutions, we think some of them are actually doing a great job.

God is still saying something.

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