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HANDOVER YOUR GUNS: Ambazonians MUST NOT Compromise their Self-defense











HANDOVER YOUR GUNS: Ambazonians MUST NOT Compromise their Self-Defense

It is already clear that the colonial terrorists forces from La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) are preparing to launch an invasion of the homes of Ambazonians in the homeland to further intensify their genocidal agenda on the sovereign state of Ambazonia. This is absolutely visible from the press release issued by the colonial governor of the Northern zone, Lele L’Afrique, yesterday in Bamenda, suspending the use and sale of ammunitions.

In that communique, the colonialist, claimed to be suspending the use and sale of fire arms across the Northern zone for a period of six months, renewable. He further instructed the population to hand over all ammunitions in their keeping to the nearest administrative authorities and be registered, or they’ll be treated as terrorists if they are found in keeping of such weapons during a planned house to house search by colonial forces.

Ambazonians at home must be reminded that, whether they hand over their weapons or not, they are already designated terrorists by the colonial regime. Handing your weapons to the regime in respect of a colonial order, only gives them ample reasons to abduct and charge you for terrorism as usual.

Ambazonians, all know what it means for colonial forces to search their houses. It means the destruction and looting of valuable properties and the burning down of such houses if they are easily combustible. This has been happening since the beginning of this revolution. From Kembong, to Kwakwa, Mbonge to Tadu in Kumbo, to Bangem, to Boyo, we have seen what it means for LRC colonial agents to search homes.

Consequently, Ambazonians in the homeland, with workable firearms, whether dane guns for hunting or sophisticated rifles used during traditional ceremonies or for protection, MUST KEEP THEM SAFELY AND JEALOUSLY too. The enemy is planning to ambush you and is using his colonial authority to disarm you not to defend yourselves.

AMBAZONIANS, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF SUBMITTING YOUR RIFLES OR ANY WEAPON TO ANY COLONIAL AGENT IF YOU HAVE ONE. DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR SELF-DEFENSE. You know your houses, compounds and neighbourhoods better than the occupier. Look for save places and keep your weapons. Do not forget to load them to capacity, and use them to defend yourselves when the need arises. It is better to die defending yourselves than to be ambushed and killed armless in your home, compound or neighborhood.

We started this revolution on a very peaceful and nonviolent mood, but the colonial regime interpreted our peace plants as AK 47, shooting and maiming our brothers and sisters without pity. The blood of our brethren is crying for JUSTICE, but a CORRUPTION DRIVEN GLOBAL SYSTEM has turned a blind eye to solving a problem that is primarily their responsibility. They are happy to see the oppressed continuously being oppressed.

It is time we all take our destinies into our hands, knowing that we have just our GENUINE DETERMINATION and GOD behind us to succeed. Ambazonians must FORCE the hand of the global authorities to shelve corruption and ego and do the needful.

To achieve this, the colonial regime, her terrorists soldiers and the international community have told us loud and clear by their genocidal activities and intentional silence that, we should keep away our peace plants and street protests. We shall need our dane guns, we shall need our dead/cultural celebration rifles, we shall need our AK 47s (for those who already have), we shall need our machetes, and we shall also need gallons of CORROSIVE ACIDS to keep at home and defend ourselves from against an invading blood sucking regime.

Therefore, responding to the press release of any colonial agent at this juncture, by handing over your weapon, means you have already compromised your own security and above all your life.

When a regime declares war on its supposed citizens as they have done, they do not expect the citizens to still take instructions from them. The citizens know that they are on their own. Ambazonians must therefore defend themselves ruthlessly and be freed once and for all or sit and watch and be killed in cold blood in their own houses.

The fact that no military has ever worn a war against its people, especially a determined people like Ambazonians, is testament to the fact that VICTORY IS ASSURED AND BUEA IS OUR DESTINATION.


James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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