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GZDC Blames Batibo Staged Murder On French Cameroun And Allies



GZDC Blames Batibo Attrocity On Cameroun

By Mbah Godlove

The Ground Zero Defense Council-GZDC says a video circulating on social media in which a women was purportedly gunned and burried in Guzang is typical of French Cameroun ccomedy move

Guzang is a village in Batibo Local Government Area, Momo county of Ambazonia.

In the said video, a woman was forced into a grave by unidentified individuals who later staged a scheme which appeared as though she was short and burried even though no reaction from the shot woman was noticed.

The actors of the video who prided themselves as pro-independence fighters have been revealed to be impostors hired to sabotage the quest for the struggle of Ambazonia’s independence.

In a communique signed by the SG and spokesman of the GZDC on Tuesday September 17, the GZDC denied responsibility of the act, stating the scene was staged by the Biya’s regime.

“We are all aware of the fake militia sponsored by the Biya regime under the command of their Minister Atanga Nji Paul who has been using these boys to carry out such acts so as to tarnish the reputable image of the Ambazonia Forces all over our territory,” the communique stated.

“We want to let the world know that our defense forces don’t carry out such inhumane acts against our civilians and soldiers. Such acts are typical of the regime of French Cameroun who has been beheading Anglophone civilians and inhumanly torturing and executing them from the day their president declared war against Southern Cameroonians,” they added.

Meantime, the Ground Zero Defense Council — the people’s army of hope have avowed to investigate and punish the perpetrators of the surposed Batibo drama if at all what the video revealed was not staged.

Ambazonians all over the globe have been shocked with such move condeming the purported murder at same time calling Cameroun out for their tricks

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