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Growing Insecurity In Bamenda Leaves Denizens In Pains



Growing Insecurity In Bamenda Leaves Denizens In Pains


By Mbah Godlove


The population of Bamenda, the capital of the Northern Zone has continuously been in pain following atrocities committed by individuals pretending to be Ambazonian Fighters.


These miscreant persons, according to locals, are out only to extort money from denizens under the pretext of being Ambazonian Fighters.


They move from one neighborhood to another, seizing cell phones, money, and other valuables, as well as stagging kidnaps for ransom.


Although restoration forces have been aware of such illegal activities, tracking down on the perpetrators remains an uphill task.


This, according to sources, is owing to the fact that many groups exist in the name of liberation forces, thereby making it difficult for the people to know who truly represents them amidst the growing insecurity.


Ambazonian Generals in struggling to solve the issue have been dispatching forces to investigate and bring culprits to book.


Despite the difficulties faced in restoring sanity and rebuilding trust in the people, Ambazonian forces do so with many challenges as such criminals often work in collaboration with colonial soldiers.

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