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Grave Silence & Political Lies of Once Admired Colonial Politician








Senator Charles Mbella Moki, is a colonial CPDM politician, former colonial mayor of Buea and currently one of the observer Ambazonian Senators in the colonial Senate of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC). Following his re-election in the banned Senatorial elections in Southern Cameroons, the CPDM praise singer, made of mockery of the people’s revolution, by telling a very fat political lie, having maintain grave silence on the issues for a pretty long time since the escalation of things. He told a lie, which can only be associated with CPDM politicians trying to manipulate the ignorant masses.

Senator Moki is a young Ambazonian with a lot of youthful exuberance that could have been used to challenge the atrocities of the colonial regime in the colonial Senate in Yaoundé. His voice and critical political inputs as a colonial senator, were very much needed in the wake of the Amba Revolution, and especially during the mayhem unleashed by his political Sister, Nalova Lyonga on the students of the University of Buea.

Unfortunately and like any other Ambazonian CPDM slave present at the colonial rubber stamp Parliament, the young Senator played to the gallery. He has spent his entire five year mandate observing, clapping and rubber stamping government bills, with very little or no tangible achievements. In a system where even the tabling of private member bills by parliamentarians appears to be a taboo, the Political desk of BaretaNews can basically conclude that the Senator’s five years in Yaoundé as a pioneer Senator, were wasted years, with the only major achievement being the salaries and allowances received from the system for these years, else the money would have also been embezzled by others.

The Lying Mbella Moki

Despite all these political complacencies, the Senator came out in a recent interview with a local television to boast that one of his second term manifestos as a colonial senator is work towards a permanent solution to the present conflict. According to him, he must fight to ensure that what he calls the Anglophone Problem is solved once and for all by the colonial regime. This is laughable, isn’t it? For two years that the crisis has been ragging, the Senator, like his fellow CPDM senators swallowed stones that blocked their throats from voicing out the concerns of the people they represent. Even when he had any of such opportunities in public domains to speak on the burning revolutionary issues, Senator Moki could only be seen speaking the language of those who can be described in the Pidgin English as “two side cutlass”. One could not directly deduce whether he was speaking for the people he represents or for the colonial regime in Yaoundé.

Even with the transformation of the crisis into a full scale conflict, leading to the declaration of war, the burning of villages and the annihilation of innocent villagers in Ambazonia by colonial agents, the youthful and once hot blooded colonial senator has remained mute, watching from a distance like all his colleagues. The Senator has rather chosen to engage but in a local political wrestling championship with his former servant, the present colonial mayor of Buea, who now also believes that he is the boss of Buea and Mbella Moki must dance the CPDM political dance according to his (Ekema’) dictates.

How Senator Charles Mbella Moki intends to ensure that the present war declared by his colonial boss Paul Biya, is resolved once and for all in his second term as a colonial senator, is an analysis for another day. BaretaNews can only remind him that he is a disappointment to the masses who believed so much in his political and youthful exuberance to speak for them. From his antecedents as Mayor of Buea, Southern Cameroonians expected more from him at this trying times in the lives of the people. The people are watching and only time shall tell.

James Agbor,

Political Analyst-BaretaNews 

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  1. Jojo

    April 3, 2018 at 1:24 PM

    Congratulations senator Mbella Moki, most people wouldn’t understand that real fight is done from inside, not on the internet or by using muscles.

  2. ndolloz

    April 3, 2018 at 1:44 PM

    Useless voiceless senators,this slave boy has been corrupting for five years, a shithole lrc where people like him still live primitive with frequent blackouts, water bucket baths,no drinkable water, sewage slums, potholes dusty muddy roads, their specialities as low class politician is bribery, corruption, embezellement in the last 57 years alongside biyA which has kept the country’s infrastructures to zero, shameful, weak slave nonentity beggars,are they proud of their country’s development?dirty, smelly, uncaring greedy politicians

    • George

      April 3, 2018 at 1:51 PM

      Yes it is very difficult to live from 5 million CFA per month. Fortunately LRC is paying them the bills for electricity and give some coupons for fuel. That makes it easy for those shitholes to close their eyes from cruel attrocities perpetrated by a terrorist state.


    • Jojo

      April 3, 2018 at 2:45 PM

      @Ndolloz, you are absolutely right. This is the worst regime ever; as a matter of fact, 95% of cameroonians will agreed with you on this, but the problem is how do we fix this? You guys choose secession to change the statu quo and that is what is causing soo much division. Why not giving ourselves a second chance? Why can you lead the whole country toward something realistic and acceptable. Look at what happen in the 90s and draw your own coconclusion.

      • ndolloz

        April 3, 2018 at 6:38 PM

        @jojo the difference this that time is changing must come! the arrogant colonial french Cameroon regime is not willing to move with timed,listen to it’s people or willing to change the msjority of patriotic SCs in this struggle watched their peers went through this same terrorist rogue regime,most in this revolution had come to see, understand that nothing will change apart from resistances, if the country was one and indivisible,why would a old wise head of state chose war,shot to kill policies of its unarmed youths of future generations, the poor & vulnerable,creating refugee sufferings?there will always be everlasting revenge,the bribed minorities of SCs slaves who have sideline with lrc for a better lifestyle will pay a price soon including this shameful, primitive gool,what goes up must come down,the only way SCs can be free from marginalisation, oppression is to cut complete rule,ties,stop taking orders from Yaounde and from all those puppet colonial civil servants in SCs regions period,there is no turning back, the lrc regime and most of it’s citizens are unpatriotic, which is the reverse of the majority of SCs due to their culture, history and pride

        • Jojo

          April 3, 2018 at 10:48 PM

          @Ndolloz, how fast do we forget! You guys just granted Biya the wish he has been looking for. You know most dictotors have use poverty and war to maintain their grips in power for century. You can kill 10,000 soldiers, trust me this will not change a dem thing, these soldiers are expandable. The loosers here are civilians. The message you guys sent is clear enough and what we need now is healing and dialogue.

  3. George

    April 3, 2018 at 3:07 PM

    It is a fact that the Cameroonian education system is one of the most backwarded ones in Africa. But in one thing it was quite successful. In teaching wrong history and twisting facts. Can anybody lecture that narrow minded francophone that the Southern Cameroons cannot secede from LRC?

  4. Malis

    April 3, 2018 at 4:17 PM

    Idiots and fools don’t know that there is a tomorrow, insane people are not aware that one day they will die and their children will have to carry on with what ever they brought up.

    Biya once thought he was God and above all things and so a group of insane alcohol infested minds came into being and worship his as God.

    Today, they are so intoxicated, no dialysis machine is able to clean their leaver to make them think well.

    No fool can fool us in to slavery, bondage, oppression, …

    Ambazonia is free.

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