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Governments are end results of a successful revolution-Activist Sikod Johnson





Governments are end results of a successful revolution. A true revolutionary does not waste a second on a political option until it’s rival is in an all time low. Any team that is hurrying to the table now for a political option is hurrying to collect federation and off course, a disguised federation. Ambazonians, stay steadfast and pray for a true revolutionary to take the lead.

It’s true I am often told to leave politics to the politicians. Who then are the politicians? I’m sure the politicians are those we are destroying through our destructive surrogacy. We kill them, tarnish their reputations and destroy their careers without them knowing these people are rather destroying them. No one can actually pave your destiny except you alone and your God. Those you allow to build alliances to defend u create enemies for you, tarnish u and rub u in mud. When they are through, u will answer alone. The damage is faced by u alone. History writes down your failures alone. History will not mention even your best surrogate. Think again my political leaders. Take revolutionary options. Thank God I have been asked to leave politics for politicians. Thus, I have the free hand to look for another leader. I’m in desperate search of a new direction for our course. A REVOLUTIONARY. A selfless man. A man ready to die. Revolutionary options some times put u in positions of death and life but u must face it and put the people first. U don’t create defenders to make people love u and follow u. A true revolutionary is often hated but he stands steadfast.

I sat in an activists meeting whereby a group of people came to brief activists. I was sad when I saw over 80% of them being very age people. Many where above 60. It became clear to me where those sentences “leave politics to politicians” was coming from. True. Many of them had worked as teachers back home and then traveled abroad and made a good life abroad. The Ambazonian revolution came and good enough, county by County was instituted. Time now for our elites to show their strength. What a blessed opportunity to practice politics. Hahahaha. U dare not torch or talk against those who made them have the opportunity to practice what they missed back home. ‘I laugh’.. hahahaha. True, it’s a good opportunity. May I ask us a question? What happens if the politics we play end us loosing the war? What will we tell our people? What reputation do we build for our self? Where will we practice next? These questions are just to help us examine our lives and options. Do not support a leader just because he enabled u have a position. Support him if u see that his agenda is working. Support another if his options take us soonest to Buea. Support one that empowers ground zero more.

The reality on ground zero is different. Sometimes back, a very prominent figure in the world, a great man of course and a man of repute wanted to run for presidential elections in Cameroon. He wanted to pass through the SDF. He was asked to go for primaries and this had to start from his local village which happened to be one of the villages in Batibo. Unfortunately, my brother could not win in his own born village. Yet, he is a man who speaks with world great leaders. The ground game is different. That’s why I respect Hon Wirba so much. He was elected by his people, stood for the People, decided to die for the People and came out here for the people. Mr John Mbah Akuro, Pa Tasang are my heroes. I thrust them more than all of you joined together. Those are the revolutionaries of our time. My respect sirs.

If you are a revolutionary, endorse this write up and share. If you are a politician, write a negative comment, if you want to be a revolutionary, welcome. Let’s work together.

Short live the revolution.

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  1. Jon

    July 23, 2019 at 10:45 PM

    Hon Wirba is a opportunist, a leech who misused the trust of his people in the pursuit of POLITICAL ASYLUM in the UK. He didn’t stand for his people, the theatrical performance in the Cameroon National Assembly was material for ASYLUM claim down the road. He didn’t die for his people, Mr Nelson Mandela spent close to 30 years in a South African jail. Mr Nelson Mandela died for his people. Hon Wirba came out here for a BETTER LIFE for HIMSELF AND HIS FAMILY, and ABOVE ALL, A BRITISH PASSPORT. So, he SHOULDN’T BE LIONIZED.


    Many revolutionaries in other countries sacrificed their comfortable lives in the WEST and returned to their COUNTRIES to lead or be part of their political struggles, e.g. Dr John Garang of Sudan. He studied for and earned a PhD from Iowa State University and returned to Sudan to fight for an independent South Sudan. WIRBA IS A PUTRIFIED CHARLATAN!!!

  2. Jon

    July 23, 2019 at 10:56 PM


  3. tabetando

    July 24, 2019 at 3:58 PM

    If Wirba stood in the Lion’s den(national parliament) to decry the insolubility of two cubes of sugar, it shows that he is a revolutionary.If he relocates in the UK it means he has come to charge himself up and charge up the finances of the war effort before bouncing back to ground zero. He is a fearless Nso warrior. I am not speaking for him but to be revolutionary you need a lot backing(support in all its forms). Wait and see when he rebounces in grd 0.

    • Jon

      July 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM

      WIRBA IS A BUFFOON AND A JESTER (a professional joker or ‘fool’ at a medieval court).

      Have you heard of PARLIAMENTARY IMMUNITY? An MP can say anything, I mean anything in parliament (on the floor of parliament), and the MP can never be prosecuted or sued, and it cannot be used against the MP in a court of law. Thus, anything an MP says on the floor of the Parliament, is PROTECTED SPEECH. So, Wirba is no hero for speaking on the floor of the National Assembly in Yaounde.

      NFON VICTOR MUKETE equally spoke on the floor of the National Assembly, seriously lambasting the Biya GOVERNMENT. He didn’t flee Cameroon to England, like the DOG WIRBA (with his tail between his legs). Fru Ndi has been very critical of Mr Biya and his Government for many years, yet he has not fled his country like DOG WIRBA.

      By the way, has he got a CLEANING JOB YET? For that is where I started in England as a student.

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