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Government Is Responsible For Murdering Cameroonians- SDF Youth League Leader



The Social Democratic Front Youth League has strongly condemned the lapses in the public transport administration in Cameroon which has resulted in a breakdown of movement of goods and persons between the economic capital city Douala and the political Capital city Yaounde since the early hours of 21st October 2016, because a rift that has divided the Douala-Yaounde Highway into two parts following torrential rains.

The situation is further made worst by the accident that occurred along the Douala-Yaounde railway which should be serving as an alternative means of transport in the circumstance. Overloading is alleged to have been responsible for the derailment of the train since buses no longer ply the highway. While extending heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families, an SDF-SY frowns at the untold number of deaths recorded and holds the government responsible for murdering Cameroonians on our roads on regular basis.

The government must come out clear and apologize to Cameroonians whose businesses have been interrupted because their government cannot provide them good transport facilities. To this effect, we call on the Minister of Transport to take immediate steps to restore movement within the shortest time possible so as to rescue all those who are stranded on our roads and railways.

It is our call that the government must take further steps to make our transport facilities reliable, sustainable and pro-life and it is our commitment to monitoring these steps. We also stand with those in the other parts of the country suffering this vice that is becoming a normal phenomenon in our beloved country. In the last months, many towns and localities have been cut-off from each other either because one bridge has collapsed or the roads get totally impassable. Cameroonians must stop dying or be being stranded on our roads.

Walter Onekon Angwere
SDF Social Youth Leader, East Africa Region

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