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Government Does Not Trust Anglophones: The Case Of Football



The Cameroon football federation president Tombi Aroko Sidiki has announced the creation of an ad hoc committee to aid the present football coach of the senior female football team Carl ENOW NGACHU during the women’s African Cup of Nations 2016 in Cameroon come this November.
According to his announcement the committee is not to interfere in the management but serve as an advisory body to the coach.

The motivation of this decision remains unclear and uncalled for as the present coach is up to the task and has proven so during the last FIFA women world cup in Canada.
The team is presently preparing for the competition and there is no problem that calls for any technical intervention from the president. This decision is far from boosting the team especially as the head coach is assisted by assistants and technical advisers to help him in his job.
This late decision can only be rooted in the president’s intention to create a mixed up in the management by associating his close mates in the division of the competition cake thereby increasing the expense level of the federation.

This is also an expression of bad faith from the president towards the female head coach.
Cameroonians are aware of how the present head coach sponsored this team from his pocket without the federation giving him any support talks less of the nonpayment of his salary arrears.
Memories of the lionesses being abandoned in airports without a vehicle to transport them are still fresh in the minds of Cameroonians and instead of the president to address the weaknesses of the federation to handle the team logistically he comes up with an ad hoc committee that is irrelevant to the team.

BaretaNews would love to add that, this is how it has always been when an Anglophone is in charge of any major so-called office in the country from the Prime Minister to Ministers, junior Ministers right down to officials in the regions. Some other officials or committee are always put in place to oversee (francophones) the Anglophone at his job. This is common and we see it now in football.

God is still saying something.

Camerveritas wrote and developed this text.

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