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Gory Weekend in Southern Cameroons as Colonial Forces Intensify Genocidal Activities









Gory Weekend in Southern Cameroons as Colonial Forces Intensify Genocidal Activities

La Republique’s terrorist soldiers intensified their genocidal activities in Southern Cameroons Ambazonia over the weekend, as they invaded and set ablaze the entire villages of Boa Bakundu and Ebonji , in the Southern Zone of Ambazonia. They also went further to rape several young girls, burned down a good number of motor-bikes, looted properties and cash from the villagers, notably owners of provision stalls, bars and cocoa/coffee beans dealers.

Images of extra judicial killings and arson littered the social media, with distress voice notes of villagers wailing and counting their deads after the attack. Notable among the killings in Boa Bakundu, in Meme County of the Southern zone, is that of yet another grandma, 86 years old, Mama Frida Ndumu, who was burnt alive in her house, as she could not escape from the rampaging colonial terrorist-soldiers. This puts the total number of grannies roasted alive to three in two months.

Report says the colonial terrorist forces had invaded Boa Bakundu at about 5: AM, on Saturday February 24, 2018, unprovoked, shooting sporadically and attacking the population with rage. Houses, motor bikes, businesses and personal belongings of the populace were entirely destroyed and set on fire. Residents were shot at pointblank in an attempt to run into the nearby bushes, while those who could not run and were lucky not have been executed, were severely tortured, thrown into colonial military trucks and ferried to Kumba, the chief town of Meme Country, after their macabre acts. Same was the situation in Ebonji Tombel, in Kupe Muanenguba Country, on early Sunday, February 25, 2018.

In Boyo County in the northern zone of Ambazonia, precisely in Njinikom, two brothers returning from a ceremony were shot and killed by the colonial forces, after a nearby Total Petrol Station was attacked and partially destroyed by unknown gun men, alleged to have been restoration fighters. A yet to be identified man was also burnt alive in his Suzuki jeep NW 888 AJ.

There was total black out in the Southern Zone of Ambazonia the whole of Sunday and part of the night breaking today Monday, 26th. There are fears that the colonial terrorists might have carried out further attacks within the day and in the night, especially in the villages of Muyenge in Muyuka Local Government, Fako County, and Etam in Meme County, where clashes were reported yesterday between unidentified gun men believed to be restoration fighters and colonial terrorists forces.

The blood jar of the blood sucking colonial regime in Yaoundé appears not to have gone anywhere near fullness, as the genocidal forces of CameroUn continue to fetch hundreds of litters of innocent Ambazonian blood. In fact, from the killings and massacre currently going on unabated, there is every justification to conclude that, a litter of premium motor spirit in the Cameroons, is more expensive than a litter of Ambazonian blood.

All these are happening under the watch and utter silence of not only the so-called Ambazonian elites, who claim to be the representatives of the people in La Republique du Cameroun; but also the international community and particularly the United Nations and African Union, who all have jurisdiction to handle the issues at stake, after Mr. Biya has shown clearly his unwillingness to engage Ambazonians in a genuine dialogue.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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