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Gendarmes Force Atanga Nji To Leave Batibo Amidst Rabble-rousing Claims



Atanga Nji Paul






The Company Commander of the 5th Joint military Region, Brigadier General Agha Robinson Ndong, told Paul Atanga Nji, to leave Batibo over increasing utterances he made that could incite more violence.

Atanga Nji told over 50 bike riders in Batibo that he will support them with funds and provide them with necessary paperwork so they can resume their commercial activities in that restive part of Southern Cameroons. All he requested from them is to show loyalty of La Republique du Cameroon, by acting as informants to the military present there.

His demands brought mixed feelings among the riders who turnout for Atanga Nji’s visit to Batibo. Strangely enough, gendarmes in the area were even more angered by Nji’s pronouncement.

Sources say the gendarme officers present in the scene, were visibly murmuring when Atanga Nji was making his promises. In the presence of everyone, Atanga Nji was cornered to step aside for a chitchat. It was figured out that the head of the gendarmerie force had advised Atanga Nji not continue his discussion, especially on lifting up the circulation prohibition of motorbikes.

When Atanga Nji resumed, it did not take him up to 5 minutes to end his session. He cut short his Batibo visit, and left straight for Bamenda.

It is rumoured that Atanga Nji was ordered to leave Batibo, on claims that his utterances may leave the gendarmes on guard, at a big risk.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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