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Funding the liberation struggle- a voluntary act



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BaretaNews Statement: Of Funding the Liberation Struggle.

This is the people’s platform and it is incumbent that this platform sends out a statement in regards to the fundraising drive from Southern Cameroonians.

It is the wish of BaretaNews that the views and position of BaretaNews be separated from Mark Bareta who is CEO of BaretaNews – the people’s platform.

There has been so much debate online regarding fund raising. BaretaNews thinks that people should be allowed to contribute where they think their money will produce the desired results. Southern Cameroonians should not sabotage the efforts of another group in stopping contributions from others. Contributions have always been a voluntary thing and no one should sabotage the other. Just go on and put your money where it matters.

With groups running Gofundme, you can clearly see who contributed and how much came in and you can publicly hold to account those who run it. Now the spokesman of SCACUF comrade Tassang has clearly in a video articulate where your money will go and how it can be traced, therefore you must trust that information.

BaretaNews is officially aware of three major funding drive. That run by Ayaba Cho Lucas of Ambazonia Governing Council since 2016. That run by Tapang Ivo Tanku, interim Consortium leader since January 2017 and most recently the SCACUF drive.

It is the position of BaretaNews that if you believe that self-defence and block by block strategy shall bring restoration and inflict a cost on La Republique then fund Ambazonia Governing Council defense drive. If you think that the Cameroon Anglophone Civil society Consortium civil disobedience strategy and sustainability of the home front shall force La Republique on the dialogue table and put pressure on the international community then fund the consortium. If you think that SCACUF legal challenge of hiring an international firm to take La Republique to court so as to bring us that cherished restoration then fund SCACUF.

BaretaNews is calling for a halt in sabotaging the efforts of groups in the fund drive. Please, it is a voluntary process, therefore, put your money where your heart beats. Southern Cameroonians can be more than this petty petty gossips and sabotaging.

Now deep your hand into that pocket and put your money to sustain the struggle where it matters.

This statement is coming from BaretaNews.

Mark Bareta
CEO BaretaNews.

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