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Frustrated Colonial Soldiers Transfer Aggression On Unarmed Ambazonians



Frustrated Colonial Soldiers Transfer Aggression On Unarmed Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove

Five unarmed Ambazonians in Ndop, Ngokeitunja have been whisked off by French Cameroun’s soldiers on grounds that they were in possession of materials for the production of local explosives.

After several colonial soldiers were neutralised by dreaded Ambazonia fighter, Field Marshall No Pity days ago, the forces of occupation have been on the rampage.

As they count their losses in anguish, ordinary denizens have been the subject of their wrath.

This is the case of some five unarmed civilians rounded up in their houses on allegations that they had dangerous materials which are used to fabricate local explosives.

BaretaNews sources revealed that the five men have been undergoing severe torture from the colonial soldiers who transported them from Ndop to Bamenda, Friday June 25.

Failed Colonial Governor of the Northern Zone, Adolph Lele Lafrique claimed the five men were apprehended owing to the collaboration of the population of Ndop.

Far from this, locals have labelled the act as abduction, stressing that the men are innocent of the allegations levied against them.

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