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Friday 21st Procession To Bamenda Court- Standing with the church



Thank You Mr. Biya: We’ll see you on April 21, 2017 in Bamenda.

I would like to use this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr. Paul Biya, president of La Republique du Cameroun for suing Southern Cameroons church and education leaders. This is one more victory that he has inadvertently handed to us on a platter of gold. Whoever is Biya’s legal and political adviser is doing a fabulous job in digging his grave much deeper, and we thank them for that!

How else can any right thinking individual justify such a suicidal move? This action will undoubtedly raise more eye brows within the international community regarding the thugs that rule La Republique du Cameroun. Furthermore, this action will no doubt increase the number of sympathizers to the Southern Cameroons cause within the international Christian community.

Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora should take this opportunity to print out the summons and distribute them to be printed in their various church bulletins across the world. This is also an opportunity to wage a merciless twitter war to let the world know about this shameful act.

April 21, 2017 being a Kontri Sunday in all of Southern Cameroons as requested by SCACUF, implies that Church leaders shall not be able to drive to court. Therefore, we are suggesting that these church leaders must walk to court on foot to respect the ghost towns.

In solidarity with the church leaders, we are calling on all Southern Cameroonians of all faiths to congregate at their various churches by 7am and lead their various church leaders and walk with them to court.

The proposed logistics and itinerary shall be as follows: PCC shall congregate at PC Ntamulung, take their leaders to Ntamulung Junction and wait for the Catholics coming from Big Mankon, and they all march and meet the Baptists at Finance junction, and they all march up to station together. Muslims and people of other faiths should wait for the procession coming from Ntamulung at Finance Junction.

The procession shall be led by Takumbeng, each wearing their Takumbeng regalia and church uniforms. Closely behind Takumbeng shall be our younger mothers – 35-50 years old in their church and choir uniforms.

Then followed by the various church leaders in their various church regalia, each holding their summons and peace plants in hand.

They will be closely followed by our fathers in the back. People of other faiths will then join the procession at this point. Our young men shall be at the tail end of the groupings and procession. This setup is for tactical reasons. Young men should be very vigilant and be careful how they take pictures because LR troops shall be behind them ready to arrest anyone trying to take pictures.

A few of the women in each group should hold whistles, and blow them as hard as possible to alert everyone to sit down peacefully on the road, if and when they are confronted by any violence from La Republique’s terrorist armed forces. ALL the young men too should each hold a whistle and be ready to blow them if and when any confrontation starts. This will alert the whole town to come out and confront their enemies. Any of the younger mothers who are able to take pictures should only do so in a discrete manner to avoid arrests.

This same procession should be adopted by our brothers in the Southern Zone.

We shall overcome! Aluta Continua.

Isaac Zama

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