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French Cameroun troops withdraw from positions in Manyu following the deadly attack



Southern Cameroons Crisis: French Cameroun troops withdraw from positions in Manyu following the deadly attack

Cameroon government forces loyal to the regime in Yaoundé have withdrawn from their isolated positions at the banks of the Manyu River exposed to the Ambazonia Restoration Forces attacks. The troops including elements of the French Cameroun gendarmerie have now regrouped in stronger places in Mamfe town after the very deadly attack from the Manyu Ghost Warriors.

This decision reportedly ordered from Yaoundé has already been implemented throughout the Manyu County and Cameroon Intelligence Report understands other withdrawals from Ekok in Eyumojock and Tinta in Akwaya will follow soonest. French Cameroun troops deployed to Manyu, suffered an attack recently that claimed the lives of 5 soldiers according to Cameroun government sources in Mamfe.

A statement from the Ambazonia Security Council that confirmed the attack hinted that it was carried out by what the Southern Cameroons Homeland Security Department codenamed as The Seals Team 2 of Manyu RFs aka Ghost Warriors.

The mayor of Mamfe John Ayuk Takunchong who recently held a public meeting grouping okader riders and boasted that the Manyu County was under the command and control of the Yaoundé regime has moved his family to an unknown destination in Douala.

By Rita Akana

Cameroon Intelligence Report

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