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French Cameroun Attacks Home of Jailed Ambazonian Activist: Life of Sister Endangered



French Cameroun Attacks Home of Jailed Ambazonian Activist: Life of Sister Endangered

By Mbah Godlove.

French Cameroun soldiers have rounded up the younger sister of incarcerated Ambazonian Activist, Mancho Bibixy Tse.

On Sunday May 24, the Mancho’s family compound in Bamenda, Northern Zone was invaded by colonial forces who ransackled the house.

Sources say the unruly agents of occupation abducted the sister of Bibixy whose name BN got as Mancho Solange Bih.

Before the Kidnap, Bih’s room was ransackled for several minutes, BN has learned.

Mancho Bibixy Tse, widely Known as BBC was a radio host in Bamenda who overtly condemned the economic exploitation of Ambazonia by the colonial regime.

On November 21 2016, the fearless BBC would lie in to a coffin at the heart of the city of Bamenda and castigates the slow pace of development.

His campaign which coincided with an announced Anglophone Teachers’ strike soon attract a huge crowd and was christened The Coffin Revolution.

BBC’s resolve to avert the statusquo would push the intransigent colonial administration to apprehend him on January 19th 2017 in Bamenda.

He would be accused of nonpossession of Identification documents and rebellion against the state, until 2018 that the courageous Radio host would be slammed a 15 year jail sentence for crimes linked to state terrorism.

Since then, the Mancho’s family and disciples of the famous Bibixy Tse have been in perpetual grieve.

Sunday’s raid of the Mancho’s home and the Kidnap of Solange Bih only added insult to injury.

At the time of this report, it remains unclear where she was taken to.

Meantime, Mark Bareta and other Ambazonian activists have condemned the act.

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