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Food Vendors Decry Effects Of Cholera Outbreak On Business



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Food Vendors Decry Effects Of Cholera Outbreak On Business

By Mbah Godlove

Some roadside food vendors in Buea say the Cholera epidemic is badly affecting their businesses one week after the disease was detected in the Ambazonian heartland.

Earlier on January 31, Buea’s District Medical officer revealed that several Cholera cases had been detected in his health facility.

He cautioned that there was a high need for the general public to improve on personal and communal hygiene.

The health expert also stressed that refraining from roadside food could curb the prevalence of the disease in Buea.

This, food vendors have revealed is badly affecting their businesses.

“People no longer come here as they used to do before the discovery of Cholera in Buea. This has really affected my business as sales continue to drop day after day. I hope that things earlier return to normal,” a roadside food vendor revealed.

BaretaNews understands that locals are struggling to improve on their hygienic conditions as a means to contain the deadly epidemic.

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