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FM 10 Kobo Cleanses Ndian From Colonial Strings



Interim Government of Buea

FM 10 Kobo Cleanses Ndian From Colonial Strings

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned Ambazonian General, Field Martial, FM 10 Kobo has embarked on a move that will fast-track the independence struggle of Ambazonia.

The courageous fighter, Sunday May 22 launched an aggressive to cleanse Ambazonia from colonial strings, thereby setting ablaze a pick-up vehicle belonging to PAMOL.

The oil production company has been warned not to operate in Ambazonia, but was still illegally functioning there.

The setting ablaze of the PAMOL pick-up, according to FM 10 Kobo serves as a serious warning to the company in particular and to La République du Cameroun.

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