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Firebrand Independent Leader Tapang Ivo Tells Ambazonians Why They Are Winning









These reasons tell you that we have won and we are winning fatly!

1. Francophones are now reporting the death of their own soldiers in neighbouring Ambazonia. They initially thought it would be a walk in the park. It, however, has become a walk in the valley of darkness.

2. Several soldiers in neighbouring La Republique du Cameroun are refusing to go to Southern Cameroons and fight. Their colonels are now accepting bribes not to commit them to deadly Ambazonia.

3. Police and gendarmes and soldiers are now sleeping in their offices, fearing that they could be attacked on their way back to their homes or in taxis. They now walk in pairs and in fear.

4. Soldiers and policemen are now relocating their families to neighbouring La Republique. This is weighing down on their families and increasing their grievances against Biya.

5. Separate, sporadic and well-coordinated attacks on soldiers here and there keep the military confused. The soldiers are now butchered like pigs and not shot. This makes the game more complicated because everything is now a weapon.

6. Soldiers are not allowed to hold smartphones anymore in Southern Cameroons’ barracks. They have been reported to be the ones leaking out photos of wounded and dead soldiers and demoralizing military camps. They sleep on the floor and they are not happy about their treatment.

7. Our reports and evidence of dead soldiers greatly demoralize them and cause fear and panic in the military because their bosses try as much to shield such information from them. This is an information warfare.

8. Islamist militant Issa Tchiroma Bakari now calls the state of Ambazonia for the first time in history. This legitimizes our claims, gives us more recognition and provokes failure among Francophones.

9. Soldiers are now paid FCFA 2,000 as daily mission allowances to fight Ambazonians. Their mission allowances were slashed from FCFA 13,200 to FCFA 2,000 within two months. Who knows, maybe it could go down to FCFA 500 in the next month because we have further shrunk the GDP to below 2.8 percent for that so-called country.

10. Every Anglophone at CRTV fears to report negatively about us because they have interests at stake in Ambazonia. We know them. Ebenezer Akwanga of CRTV should watch his tongue, observers warn.

General Ivo

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