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Fire Works Expected In Yaounde As Tibor Nagy Arrives Yaounde



Night Falling on Biya as Fireworks expected in Yaoundé: While Tibor Nagy arrives from U.S on Sunday Dupont-Moretti from France has Landed. Who are these Men?

Few days ago, BaretaNews published an article of a U.S congressman urging Mr Tibor Nagy who is expected in Cameroon to focus on 2 main Issues;
– The War in the Southern Cameroons.- The Detention of Political Prisoner of La Republic, Maurice Kamto.These are the issues that are bringing these two gentlemen, alongside other international stakeholders to Cameroun.
To begin with, Tibor Nagy is U.S Assistant Secretary for African Affairs who arrives Cameroun this Sunday 23rd March.

Prior to his African tour, he had made stunting declarations on the war situation in the Cameroons and the dictatorial form of Biya’s regime. Interviewed over French media, he remarked that every time he spoke on Cameroun’s issues, he ended up having problems with the regime.Nevertheless, he is committed in doing just the right thing. Here is his excerpt;

“I know that the Cameroon government has taken some steps, but you would not believe the number of messages I receive every day about Cameroon, and also in Washington the very high level of political interest in all branches of the United States government, including Congress, that are always getting in touch with me about Cameroon. I know the areas very well; I know some of the people involved, and I just don’t understand why this crisis goes on and on and on when there really needs to be absolute open, unlimited national dialogue to come to resolution, because those poor people in northwest and southwest. we can call them that, we can call them the people in the Anglophone region are just suffering so, so much. So we need to be focused on that and maybe take it further to an international fora to look at.”   Nagy said.
On the other hand, Dupont-Moretti is a French lawyer and has already arrived Yaoundé, morning of Friday March 15th. He is the lead lawyer of Maurice Kamto, opposition leader and political prisoner of Cameroun detained at the Kondegui Maximum security prison, where President Sisiku and co are. 

The dual events are going to be making headlines and reshaping the new narrative of the struggle as it draws to an end. The stakes are high as these 2 personalities are bent on taking biya and his fellow gangsters to the international scene.

When the Yaoundé regime learnt of this bombshell and the sound warning of the European Union this week on the same issus, as usual, some member of the  Government have been throwing venom on the international community. Recently, La Republic’s minister for Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi  published a communique, joining the likes of Atanga Nji of territorial administration and Le juene Mbella Mbella of foreign Affairs ministries, in  claiming that the international community is interfering in their Home Affairs. The question remains, “How Souveign is La Republic in the internal affairs of Ambazonian, with defined Boundaries?  That issue we will address shortly.

Meantime, Ambazonians are reminded to continue the pressure from different angles for international interference as this week has recorded more massacre in Donga Mantung County, Northern Zone of Ambazonia, and Wum LGA. Let these personalities see the reality on the ground come Monday 18th as the Ghost takes to the street of the four corners of the Southern Cameroons.

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