Fire Works Expected In Yaounde As Tibor Nagy Arrives Yaounde

Night Falling on Biya as Fireworks expected in Yaoundé: While Tibor Nagy arrives from U.S on Sunday Dupont-Moretti from France has Landed. Who are these Men?

Few days ago, BaretaNews published an article of a U.S congressman urging Mr Tibor Nagy who is expected in Cameroon to focus on 2 main Issues;
– The War in the Southern Cameroons.- The Detention of Political Prisoner of La Republic, Maurice Kamto.These are the issues that are bringing these two gentlemen, alongside other international stakeholders to Cameroun.
To begin with, Tibor Nagy is U.S Assistant Secretary for African Affairs who arrives Cameroun this Sunday 23rd March.

Prior to his African tour, he had made stunting declarations on the war situation in the Cameroons and the dictatorial form of Biya’s regime. Interviewed over French media, he remarked that every time he spoke on Cameroun’s issues, he ended up having problems with the regime.Nevertheless, he is committed in doing just the right thing. Here is his excerpt;

“I know that the Cameroon government has taken some steps, but you would not believe the number of messages I receive every day about Cameroon, and also in Washington the very high level of political interest in all branches of the United States government, including Congress, that are always getting in touch with me about Cameroon. I know the areas very well; I know some of the people involved, and I just don’t understand why this crisis goes on and on and on when there really needs to be absolute open, unlimited national dialogue to come to resolution, because those poor people in northwest and southwest. we can call them that, we can call them the people in the Anglophone region are just suffering so, so much. So we need to be focused on that and maybe take it further to an international fora to look at.”   Nagy said.
On the other hand, Dupont-Moretti is a French lawyer and has already arrived Yaoundé, morning of Friday March 15th. He is the lead lawyer of Maurice Kamto, opposition leader and political prisoner of Cameroun detained at the Kondegui Maximum security prison, where President Sisiku and co are. 

The dual events are going to be making headlines and reshaping the new narrative of the struggle as it draws to an end. The stakes are high as these 2 personalities are bent on taking biya and his fellow gangsters to the international scene.

When the Yaoundé regime learnt of this bombshell and the sound warning of the European Union this week on the same issus, as usual, some member of the  Government have been throwing venom on the international community. Recently, La Republic’s minister for Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi  published a communique, joining the likes of Atanga Nji of territorial administration and Le juene Mbella Mbella of foreign Affairs ministries, in  claiming that the international community is interfering in their Home Affairs. The question remains, “How Souveign is La Republic in the internal affairs of Ambazonian, with defined Boundaries?  That issue we will address shortly.

Meantime, Ambazonians are reminded to continue the pressure from different angles for international interference as this week has recorded more massacre in Donga Mantung County, Northern Zone of Ambazonia, and Wum LGA. Let these personalities see the reality on the ground come Monday 18th as the Ghost takes to the street of the four corners of the Southern Cameroons.

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  1. sunshine

    March 15, 2019 at 8:32 PM


    biya has been in the business of bribing off secretaries of the UN,
    AND the Commonwealth with gold statuette and chains to allow him CONTINUE killing off Ambazonians after a peaceful match demanding a change OF their poor treatment over three years AGO. Sure enough, biya is ready this time around with a big bribe gold for Tibor. Do I trust the international community to resolve the Anglophone Crises? No, because biya in the past 3 years has proved he has the knife and the yam. Abducting Sisiku from Nigeria and incarcerating him and many others from different countries of the world to his torture chambers in yaounde shocks me. More than 5600 Abazonians have been killed and are being killed, imprisoned and tortured to death everyday in yaounde by biya. What has the international community done except asking the butcher, biya to investigate his own killings and report to them? How can biya talk to Ambazonians he considers slaves? As biya’s bir continues their killing spree, let Gueteries, EU, and AU shout from their roof tops and see if biya will listen to them.

    Ambazonians are resolute and must defend themselves. With our Dane guns we shall resist biya until the last man standing falls, since the EU, AU and UN are so powerless to stop biya from killing us.


  2. malis

    March 15, 2019 at 9:10 PM

    I’m saying this with absolute certainty, the way we Ambazonians are executing this war is perfect and this is causing almost everyone to misjudge us, our abilities, strength, …

    We are doing exactly what we did at the beginning of this independence war and that is
    giving those who have the power to change things the right way to change things the right way.

    For now, not at all because we are scared, not at all because we don’t have the means, but simply because of a matter of justification and defense we will restrain and exercise a lot of patience despite the barbarism, savagery, …

    This is not going to be forever.

    We are not scared of anybody and when the time will come to advanced to the next level, we will openly take things to that level with no regrets.

    These are the facts, LRC has exhausted all her options, we have not yet even touched one of ours. The day we Ambazonians will touch one of our options, LRC will never survive

    I hope that day doesn’t come.

  3. Bonnie

    March 15, 2019 at 9:54 PM

    All Ambazonians understand the bad luck, prejudice, discrimination their families have suffered under the hatred rule of the french Cameroon regime,many generations have had the wish to leave the country for a better life abroad which has been heartache knowing never to see their families because of the Yaounde system of assimilation,inorder for a Ambazonia to succeed in the government,they have to work harder,be bilingual orally & written while the francophones succeed just speaking French and broken pigin with fake certificates, successful Ambazonians forced themselves to pretend to be francophones just to fit in,especially by becoming crooked CPDM members licking biya’s ass,killing their own for image,money, name, superiority and helping friends & families.This revolution is exposing the frustration,hidden agenda, mistrust,lies of the history of west Cameroon annexation and french Cameroon colonisation,90% of west Cameroonian have learnt their true history during the last 3 years which is an awaking, determination to free themselves from the french Cameroon occupation,the biya regime in response to addressing the so call anglophone problem, exposed itself by declaring war as guilt of assimilation and colonisation, Patriotic Ambazonians in this war will never ever give up until they gain their token independence!self defense and determination will grant them freedom,we must keep on with self defense to protect, take control of our land and People because the UN,AU etc will never give us freedom,when we take it,they will recognise us and will have no choice, fighting biya’s barbaric military is the right and only way,there will be a lot of casualties on both side but more on vulnerable people, making Ambazonia ungovernable by all means will be the final straw for lrc and it is happening, Patriotic Ambazonians must continue to fund ground zero generously by all means to destabilise lrc economy by cutting off all their means of economic sources & revenues including non payment of taxation from the Ambazonia regions to lrc,the fight for independence continues,long live Ambazonia!

  4. Jon

    March 16, 2019 at 3:02 AM

    The presence of Dupont-Moretti, a French lawyer, in Yaoundé is of infinitesimal (extremely small) significance, if any. He is not registered with the Cameroon Bar Association, thus, he can’t defend Prof. Kamto in a court in Cameroon. He can’t practise law in Cameroon. So, his presence in Yaoundé is a NON-EVENT.

    Mr Nagy does not take orders from a congressman. He does not work for the congressman or the Congress, but for President Trump. Therefore, he is not coming to Cameroon to discuss issues the congressman is passionate about. Also, Cameroon is a sovereign nation, and not a vassal of the United States of America. Thus, the United States of America cannot impose a solution on the Cameroon Government. Allies or friendly countries can be candid with each other regarding certain issues, but each nation or ally ultimately decides what is in its best interest. Mr Biya is the President of Cameroon, just like Mr Trump is the President of the United States of America. Mr Nagy is not the Secretary of State, let alone President. He is a nonentity as far as Cameroon is concerned. If the United States of America can impose its will on any nation, why not on North Korea, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.

    The ambazonia crap is a death cult and a pipe dream. “Ambazonia will never come into being. The UN is not in the business of breaking up nations. If it was, Tibet and Taiwan would have separated from China, etc. How many breakaway “countries” has the UN recognised?

    Cameroon is ONE and INDIVISIBLE! Thus, the poor ambafools and terrorists are dying in vain. Their deaths are enriching their masters in the diaspora. The fundraising raises them money to buy houses, feed and clothe their families, buy comfy beds, go for holidays whilst the amba terrorists are living like wild animals in the forests and abandoned houses, sleeping rough like brute beasts, steal peoples’ cattle and food to survive, etc. They are totally brainwashed by The warmongers and leaches (their masters) in the diaspora.

    God bless Cameroon! Long Live Cameroon!

  5. sushine

    March 16, 2019 at 3:32 AM

    If Mr. Nagy is a nonentity, why is biya and his crime syndicate defecating in their pants?

    • Jon

      March 16, 2019 at 5:54 AM

      President Biya is “homme lion”. He has been President a very long time, and he has and continue to deal with many heads of State. Mr Nagy is not even a cabinet minister in Mr Trump’s Government. He is a coffee boy. The President of Cameroon will not even grant Mr Nagy audience. So, your “whiteman messiah” is a nonentity.

      The lion (Biya) and its cubs (Ministers) would not poop in their pants when dealing with a prey (Nagy). Would a cat poop in its pants when dealing with a mouse? No! No!No! You people are now grasping at straws, every whiteman is now a saviour. You terrorists started the war, and now like a bone, it’s stuck in your throats. And you are now crying left and right for help from the west which is not forthcoming. You are ready to go to bed with any Tom, Dick, and Harry. SHAME!

      America needs Cameroon and Cameroon needs America. We can replace America with Russia and China, both with vetoes at the UN. Russia has been faithfully supporting Bashar al-Assad of Syria where about 1 million people have died since the uprising that started a few years ago. What has American done? Obama said al-Assad must leave, he is still there because of Russia. America is mot omnipotent. Russia annexed Crimea (part of Ukraine), what has America and the West done? Only economic sanctions.

      Drop the guns!

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