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FIFA AND FECAFOOT: Shaming The Corrupt System








FIFA-FECAFOOT: The Fall of TOMBI is not the End of the System

FIFA’s decision to create a normalisation committe and put an end to the Tombi A Roko’s reign has come as a sigh of relief to many Cameroonians. But is it victory yet as many are made to believe? To me No, not at all.

This is not the first time FIFA is setting up a normalisation committee in Cameroon which ends up producing the same results. For the moment, the FIFA decision is welcomed, but I will only appreciate it when the members of the committee must have been appointed. Many people already see Tombi as disgraced, the ex president and all other names. But mind you, the battle is not against Tombi but against a system that has taken Cameroon’s football hostage. And Tombi is part of that well oiled machine. Be rest assured he is not ready to let go without putting up a fight. The battle line has just been drawn.

The two opposing camps led by Tombi A Roko Sidiki on the one hand and Hamadou Babba Abdouraman(who has turned against the system that moulded him up) on the other and “birthed” of the same father: IYA Mohammed now languishing in Kondengui. Many thought the fall of IYA MOHAMMED will be the end of problems in Cameroon football; that just proved to be the beginning. Though confined in his cell, the former SODECOTON boss still had Cameroon football under his grasp, even blessing Tombi to fill his shoes. So do not be fooled in thinking the fall of Tombi will be the end. If Tombi falls, Mbella Moki, Pierre Batamack, Alim Konate etc.. and many other churned out of the system will rise. They are all part of the well oiled machine spread across the country. And believe me, this group since last night has lost sleep maybe because of the FIFA decision, but mainly on how to scheme out a new plan to stay on top. The work of the normalisation committee will have a big say.

Reliable sources claim, FIFA wants the committee to be headed by a neutral party, preferably an ex player while the government will do all in its powers to see an ex minister head the committee. Just these differences at this early stage spells tough times ahead. Reliable sources also claim the now “disgraced” committee of FECAFOOT led by Tombi will be meeting with the Secretary General of the Presidency and the Minister of Sports and Physical Education today. Tombi’s stay has lasted as long as it can due to government’s help through Sports Minister PIERRE ISMAEL BIDOUNG MKPWATT who rubbished a decision from the National Olympic Committee to annul the elections that propelled TOMBI at the head of FECAFOOT. Is gov’t ready to let Tombi fall now? Only the composition of the normalisation committee can start producing the answers.

During the Joseph Owona-led normalisation committee, Tombi A Roko served as as the Secretary General which gave him an upper hand over his opponents. Now, one of his “CREATURES”, Blaise Moussa will probably serve as SG of the new normalisation committee- deduce what you can from here.


Gratitude must go to Hamadou Babba Abdouraman for his persistence to see justice take its place. But this is not enough. The fight now lies at the base, take it to the base and form alliances with those who matter, the electorates, club presidents and the main actors in football. No TV debates will win the battle for you, the main work is on the field and this is what those in power have succeeded to do for years; to hold those at the base firmly, and at times crookedly.


As the FECAFOOT saga enters a new chapter in the days ahead, Can Cameroon avoid the “Same causes produce the same effects syndrome?”. This is the third time in under two decades that the country will be under a normalisation committee(under transition). Can we be third time lucky? Is this finally the end of the road? Wait and See!

By Ajumane Akam Francis.

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