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Field Marshial Promises Damnation To LRC Military In Lebialem



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Field Marshial Promises Damnation To LRC Military In Lebialem

By Mbah Godlove

Over 300 La Republique du Cameroun’s troops have been deployed to Lebialem County with the hope of crushing the Red Dragons of dreaded General Field Marchial the King.

Classified information says the decision to send the sodiers in the area filtered out from a meeting which brought together leaders of the six French Central African states in Yaounde this week.

The colonial army was advancing into Lebialem on Friday November 22 — same day the said CEMAC meeting that was hosted by dictator Paul Biya rounded up.

In a two minutes eight seconds video circulating on social media, General Field Marchial admitted that thousands of LRC military were approaching Lebialem from three fronts including Azi and Menji.

The warlord revealed he had been waiting that Biya should send his occupational forces so that he crushes them.

He said their dream to capture Field Marchial was just an illusion, and that he is combat ready.

For over two years, administrative offices in the area have remained shutdown. And traditional rulers who were being used to administer colonial rule had abdicated to save havens.

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