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Exposing the Scams, Falsification and Hyperinflation of the Political GCE







The Political GCE results of this year are out. We all know the conditions under which it was written and how deadly and fiasco the results have shown with no school spared even the traditional 100 percent schools. Today, BaretaNews want to delve into the indepth analysis to expose the scam, manipulations and falsification.

From the statistics as published by the Cameroun Secondary Education Minister, it is shown that only 38000 candidates registered for the advanced level against 46000 in 2016. First and foremost this number of students registered have been hyperinflated. However, this shows a backdrop of 8000 candidates. Taking into consideration the fact that almost all the students in Southern Cameroons did not write, the government of La Republique wants to show that, the candidate population of Southern Cameroons amounts to less than 8000 candidates in the advanced level.

The question is, how comes the regions of NW and SW which have always registered the highest number of candidates in the GCE suddenly finds itself with only 8000 candidates in normal school situation.

Remember that in 2015, the NW region alone registered 77 227 GCE candidates with 33% being advanced level. This gives us approximately 25 484 candidates registered for the advanced GCE in the NW not taking into account the SW region. At same time, littoral region had only 2785 candidates for both A and O level. Same for center. The North is more worst than this with almost little or no candidates. The NW and SW regions carried almost about 40000 candidates for the advanced level. How comes today by magic the GCE candidates of the rest of the country is 3 times larger in size than that of the SW and NW?

Remember, only 38000 candidates registered against 46000 last year. Almost 95% of the candidates in the English zone did not write. This means only the minority candidates in the French zone sat for the GCE exams. How comes that, today, this statistic is showing that, the English zones have only 8000 candidates, this represents only 16% of those sitting for the advanced level.

The government scam is very visible. Numbers have been swelled to show that many students registered. Government wants to show that, we have less schools and minority candidates in the GCE exams. But pass figures show the contrary. Just one example : in 2015 out of 180000 registered students in the whole country, 77227 were registered in the NW alone. If we add that of the SW which is almost the same like that of the NW, you will find out that, both regions registered approximately 150000 candidates on 180000 registered. How comes today in 2017 both regions who did not take part in the GCE have less candidates than the rest of the country. By extrapolation, the real number of registered candidates for the GCE advanced level 2017 is 10000 candidates for both candidates from La Republique and some few who wrote in SC and not 38000 candidates.


The Political GCE O level came out yesterday few days after the A level was released on Friday 11th August, 2017. It should be noted that there was a tug of war between the Registrar of the GCE Board Dr. Humphrey Monono and Cameroun Secondary Education Minister Ngalle over political GCE OL moderation. While the original statistics stood at 16 percent overall pass, moderation from Yaoundé brought it to 25 percent pass-still a whooping failure. It explains why the GCE A levels were released without the ordinary level results, first in the history of the board. Moderation had left the Advance level results at a 33 percent overal pass-another whooping failure. However, just like the A levels, we are observing some dysfunctional data.

Following the fact that, Southern Cameroons actually and naturally present more candidates in this exam, we are pushed to analyse the data presented by the ministry and not by the registrar. This year 80,212 students registered with 46,532 sitting for the exams. There is a difference of 33,680 candidates. Following the fact that almost only 5% in Southern Cameroons took the exams, this means, the 33,680 candidates were probably at 99% from Southern Cameroons. Considering this hypothesis, the ministry is therefore saying that, in Cameroon candidates from Southern Cameroons have always constituted the minority of the candidates.

This goes in contradiction with past years registrations. In 2015 for example in only North West, both A and O level registered 77 212 candidates out of 180,000 in the national territory with O level registering about 75% of that number making 57909 candidates. If we take into consideration the SW registered candidates in the same year, we will be standing at 100 000 candidates only for the O level making a percentage of 55.5% of contributed candidates by Southern Cameroons only for the O levels. If we have to add A levels then, Southern Cameroons contributed 78% of candidates and the rest 22% by the rest of cameroon. To justify this, the littoral region which is the biggest region in Cameroon registered only 2000 candidates in the same year. If littoral could register only 2000 candidates in both O and A levels, imagine the rest of the other regions.

What is shocking today with the government data is that, government is insinuating that, Southern Cameroons has always had the Lowest candidate contribution.

Southern Cameroonians have been reacting over the Internet concerning this political GCE. Most of the complains are in relation to students who never wrote but passed and centres seeing hyper inflation of the number of candidates who wrote.

A correspondence from Victoria, Limbe wrote ” Hello Mark, Just wanna confirm to you that haven seen the GCE Ordinary level results for GHS limbe, most of us were shocked, not by the appalling results but by the fact that it reads 286 students registered and 286 sat for the exams. That’s crazy because I personally know students who registered there and did not write. My brother is a teacher there and has also confirmed that he has several students who didnt take up the exams after successfully registering. So we were quite shocked it was reported everyone sat for the exams. With this clear case, I am quite confident that other than the undoubted hyper-moderation of the results, this seemingly massive attendance has been hyper-inflated in most schools in Southern Cameroons. What a shame! ” Another in a Facebook post wrote :

Students of GHS. MBU-WARR reject their GCE O/L results. Here is the results:

GCE O/L 2017: Centre NO: 11316 Government High School Mbu-Warr
Regis: 99,Sat for 4 or more subjects: 95, Passed: 2, % Passed: 2.11%
Passed in 6 Subjects:1
Passed in 4 Subjects:

They say the number Registered of 99 is fake. Number sat for the exams 95 is also fake. Those who sat for the exams were less than 10. In their whatsapp groups and Facebook they say if number of candidates Registered are faked then the entire results are fake.GHS Mbu-Warr is situated in Wanti (wat); Donga Mantung Division; Nkambe central.

And many others have been rejecting these results. It is not yet clear whether Universities especially that of Buea will lower their standards to admit students into the University. The results are terrible. It is the position of BaretaNews that this year results after the government fought it hard to be written has now exposed the lost academic year. It does not help our people in anyway and must be cancelled. Universities out of Cameroon in any case shall not accept any diploma from Cameroon in the 2016/2017 academic year.

Mark Bareta.

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