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EXPOSED: We Were Not Kidnapped – Swiss Tour Operator








La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), told its biggest lie yet. The country whose history is built on dreaded mediocrity, deceits and denigrations, exposed its falsehood, Monday April 2 2018, when it told the world that some 18 hostages hitherto kidnapped while on tourist visit to Kupe Muanenguba County, of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, have been released.

To give it an international coverage, as a security gain for the rogue regime, the long-mouthed Issa Tchiroma, disbursed chunk of money to western media, feeding them with just exactly what LRC wants the world to know.

Unfortunately for them, most, if not, all the western media, carry out thorough investigation, before putting a story. One of such media organs, is The Thomson Reuters news agency.

According to the Reuters news agency, the supposed free hostages were never kidnapped. The head of the Swiss tour organisation, indicated that the information dished out by LRC is totally fake, and harming to their organisation’s image.

“A group of European tourists traveling in southwest Cameroon were not kidnapped, their Swiss tour operator said on Wednesday, contradicting government reports that separatist militants had held them hostage,” Reuters reported.

The Swiss tour operator however said they were caught in a gun battle between the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF), and the rogue forces of LRC.

“We were on our way to the twin-lake of Muanenguba, when suddenly in Bangem, we suddenly were entrapped in gunshots between rival forces. We took refuge in a nearby forest and later rushed to nearby village. It was there that we got in contact with (LRC) army, who put us in their truck and brought us to Yaounde. I should reiterate that we were never kidnapped by anybody,” the anonymous tour operator said.

Preceding this exposed lies from LRC, ADF had already issued a release, refuting all allegations of haven kidnapped foreign nations. In a statement issued by the Ambazonian Defence council and signed by Commander Shey Kaavi, it was disclosed that Ambazonians have nothing to do with the arrest or abduction of foreign nationals and ordinary civilians inside Ambazonia.

“The ADF hereby informs the media and the international community that it has nothing to do with it the kidnapping of the foreigners in the territory of Ambazonia. This behaviour is reminiscent of the Nazi tactics used in 1945 by Hitler to stage the invasion of Poland,” the release read in part.

Once again, the world comes into the-know of continuous falsehood and deceits perpetrated by LRC. This comes to weight in more to the truth that Ambazonians, indeed have strong reasons, to separate from a union that had been built from falsehood for 50+ years.

Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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