Eto’o Dropped By Club: Is He Having An Attitude Problem?

Samuel Eto’o former Cameroun striker has been dropped by his current club Antalyaspor in a racist row with the club. He has been at the Turkish club since last year and had a brief spell as their player-manager, but has failed to lead his side to any kind of success with just one point from 12 so far this season.

We are told that Eto’o has been linked with a move to Turkish rivals Besiktas. This resulted in a backlash from Antalyaspor fans and pundits. In an Instagram post in Turkish Eto’s displayed his playing record and wrote: ‘Reminder – perhaps some people do not feel respect for me because I am black.

‘But I am not going to come down from the level I have reached. I have been in this game for 18 years.’

Eto’o however in another message clarified that the message was not directed at Antalyaspor chairman Ali Safak Ozturk. As a result, Eto’o has now been informed that he has been dropped from all future squads until the matter is fixed internally. Ozturk is quoted in the Turkish media as saying: ‘No player is above the interests of Antalyaspor. ‘Everyone must know their place.’

God is still saying something.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brenda Biya.

    September 22, 2016 at 9:11 PM

    So how does this become an attitude problem. Same Bareta News is supporting Alli Bongo just because the opposition candidate is Pro-French. You decry one form of discrimination at home and you support another abroad. what is wrong witha Etoe said. He’s not that one type of ever die a slave-mentality that you lack people are subjected too. In Cameroon when tell the truth, You are painted black.
    We are too good and leaking the boots of people. Today we don’t see anything wrong with what pep is doing to Yaya-Tooure, when his agent speak, we cry foul, but when it concerns Eto’o those who are confused ilike do not take time to start labeling him names. i am not an Eto’o fan, but totally disagree, with the manner of hate Cameroonians exhibit against their citizens.
    Paul Biya and his gang are there raping that country dry you spend time seeing the errors of Eto’0. Hope you educate him on your attitude or borrow him your attitude.
    i Think this the reason you cannot come out and say that you are 100% southern Cameroon. if are standing on the margin to swing the pendulum either way when the time comes. grow=up. i have always read this newspaper, but i hate to see it raising this type childish questions

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