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Erstwhile Colonial PM Faces The Mirror: Decries Dwindling Economy



Erstwhile Colonial PM, Yang Philemon Faces The Mirror: Decries Dwindling Economy

By Mbah Godlove.

The former Colonial Prime Minister PM of La Republique du Cameroun has finally made a public statement on the poor economic development in Ambazonia. Yang Philemon on Tuesday, December 1, unequivocally stated that Ambazonia, especially the Northern Zone has known little or no development for the past three decades. Hear him. “The truth is simple… since1990 the political life and economic regression have grown from bad to worst…”.

He has however been criticized by many an Ambazonian who says the former PM knows the truth but is siding with the oppressor. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Yang was speaking while on tour to canvas for votes ahead of a colonial regional election that had long been disbanded in southern Cameroons.

Some locals drew his attention to the fact that he should resign from the Biya government if he hopes to truly be a prodigal son. Yang Philemon served as prime minister for French Cameroun for over ten years until 2019 when he was deposed in favor of Joseph Dion Ngute

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