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ENAM and Political Admission of Bike Riders



In an unprecedented and unusual move, one bike rider in Yaounde who sat for the 2015 session into Public Administration into ENAM has been admitted into the institution.Sodime Alain Leopold has been a career bike rider since 2009.
The association of Bike riders in Yaounde storm the office of ENAM to thank the administration. Hear them ” We are here today to thank the administration of ENAM for giving the opportunity to one of ours to also get enrolled into this prestigious institution. We all know how difficult it is to gain admission here. The fact that one of ours with a poor family background has been able to enroll in the institution dismisses all the dirty opinions people have of the institution,” Fouda Robert, president of the Messamendongo Bike Riders’ Union told ENAM administration.

It is really funny on how bike riders will go along thanking the administration for letting one of them get admitted into ENAM. Is it that the administration specifically favoured him to make political gains against the institution or Mr Leopold deserve his entry? Do not get me wrong. Mr Leopold off course deserve his admission but for the bike association to thank ENAM administration it is what really wonders me. Is it how Cameroun has become so much so that groups need to thank administration if one of them gets admitted? I am very confident, this is a tacit plot by the ENAM administration to show to the world that entrance into the institution is largely on merit. God knows how much this poor bike rider must have paid before being admitted. I am confident the amount tagged him was far lesser due to the political gains the administration intended getting from him. Trust not the Biya regime. Yes, trust not.
Congrats Mr Leopold, enjoy your own cake soon.
God is still saying something.

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