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Ekondo Titi School Attack Leaves Thousands in Tears



Ekondo Titi School Attack Leaves Thousands in Tears

By Mbah Godlove

The population of Ekondo Titi, Southern Zone has been in grief and consternation after heavily armed gunmen raided some schools in the locality.

Earlier this Wednesday, November 24 about 30 armed men invaded some schools in Ekondo Titi where about 3 students and a teacher were reportedly killed and several others injured.

It remains unclear those behind the attack but it is believed colonial soldiers masterminded it with the hope to sabotage restoration forces.

The people of Ekondo Titi remained weeping all day as they are yet to come to terms with such a situation.

Wednesday’s massacre comes after a similar action resulted in the shooting to death of 2 school kids by colonial soldiers in Buea and Bamenda.

Meantime, human right activists have condemned the attack on schools in Ekondo Titi, stressing that, education is an inalienable right that ought to be respected by all.

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