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Ekema Has Made Buea Great By Peterkins Manyong: Facts or Gombo?







Gombo Journalism Observed with The Independent Observer of Peterkins Manyong

The Independent Observer Issue No. 117 of July 26th 2017 in its front page reports , “Mayor Ekema Making Buea The City We All Dream Of”. We who, Peterkins Manyong? Clear signs that “gombo” journalism has taken place. Even with the glaring socio-political, developmental ills registered by the fraudster Mayor Ekema of Buea, Peterkins Manyong can still afford to condescend so low to celebrate a “thief” of academic degrees. This gives room for us to doubt the intentions of Peterkins Manyong. Evidence points that The Independent Observer is about taking the lane of the Socialist Chronicle later turned Chronicle which hitherto had the reputation of topping the charts as the number “Gombo” newspaper in the Southern Cameroons. Has Peterkins Manyong collected his own share of the stolen millions from the embittered and disgraced Mayor of Buea? How come a city adorned with the most reputable university with standards and full of intellectuals afford to be led by an illiterate “certificate” thief and fraudster in the name of Ekema Patrick Esunge? What is The Independent Observer celebrating-mediocrity over meritocracy? It’s only a matter of time and the Independent Observer shall be exposed.


In this edition, the Independent Observer still carries in its front page, the story of the Case between the Consortium of Parents and the Bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Bamenda. The story goes that Ayaba Hotel, Bamenda played host to a meeting between lawyers Achu Julius Amazee Anthony (representing the Consortium of Parents) and former Bar President Sama Francis (representing the bishops). The paper observes that both parties plan to meet again next week. It should be noted that the cases of the Consortium of Parents v. The Bishops in both the Northern & Southern Zones of Ambazonia were respectively adjourned to September 25. The meetings are in a bid to resolve the impasse and possibly withdraw the cases before the next hearing on September 25th.

Former Bar President Eta Besong Jr. In an interview with CBS Radio stated that the cases were adjourned through the most bizarre ways as are not prescribed in the Criminal Procedure Code. He observed that Cameroun is a lawless state and this must be sounded loud and clear to the whole world.
Here, one would question the agendas of both defence counsels of the opposing parties as all of Ambazonia see them as saboteurs of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia drive for the restoration of its statehood.

By A. Chi

BaretaNews contributor reporting from Ambaland

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