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Either Dialogue With Anglophone Leaders Or Let Them Go – Hon Deffo Oumbe Sangong








The government of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) has been cautioned to either engage in an inclusive and pacific dialogue with Anglophone leaders, or let them separate. Hon. Deffo Oumbe Sangong, Social Democratic Front (SDF) party’s Member of Parliament (MP) for the Mifi constituency of the West Region, was speaking in an exclusive interview granted BaretaNews.

According to Hon Deffo, Anglophones have been marginalised for over 60 years. To him, this is the best moment to either make or mar the already broken marriage between LRC and Southern Cameroons.

“What is stopping this government from opening dialogue with Anglophone leaders? All potential voices have spoken and talked of a pacific dialogue, yet, Mr Biya and his people are enjoying how young people are dying by the day in the Anglophone regions. If this government does not want to dialogue with the people and seek a lasting solution, then Anglophones must separate and form their own country,” Hon Deffo articulated.

The fierceless MP who has been a thorn in the flesh of administrators in the West Region, indicated that there are some few people feeding fat from this crisis. Reason why, according to him, they do not want to put an end to the ongoing quack mire.

“From the presidency to the governors and other ministers, some people are making exorbitant gains from the ongoing crisis. While some are drinking the blood of innocent people, others are making fast millions out of the demise of poor people in the Anglophone region. Whatever be the case, nothing last forever? Sooner than later, they will be exposed and dealt accordingly,” Hon Deffo added.

Quizzed why he’s so emotional about the Anglophone crisis when some of his Francophone brethren are castigating Anglophones, the orator politician with a giggle, said he is a human before a Francophone and a politician. He said the Anglophone course is genuine and so a genuine solution must be sought. He indicated that he carries the pains and sufferings of every Anglophone and so knows where the shoes pinches. He vowed to take the Anglophone course to the highest level.

Hon. Deffo Oumbe Sangong, dancing and blowing vuvuzela in LRC parliament

The Member of parliament also indicated he has been receiving anonymous threats with some even promising death. Paradoxically, Hon Deffo says those threats fuel him even more to advocate for the constitutional rights of Anglophones.

Hon. Deffo Oumbe Sangong, has gained admiration from so many Anglophones following his passionate and emotional demonstration of the Anglophone course in parliament. With his characteristic white beards and sharp brown colour, the MP have danced, chanted loud anti-LRC hymns, and even trumpeted vuvuzelas and whistles. His passionate moves have made many to question whether he is a Southern Cameroonian or in deed a Francophone.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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