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DV American Lottery: The Only Winning Centre



The legendary master of the DV American lottery in Buea, Mr. Amos is @ it again. Yes, folks, it is yet another period to fulfill your dreams of living in America by granting the masters the opportunity to get you that perfect DV lottery picture.

Getting the perfect DV lottery picture is our passion and we have been doing it since the year 2000 with hundreds of happy winners already in the United States with their families. After this post, I know hundreds from the US will testify to our experience.




Now remember that NOT EVERYONE WITH A CAMERA AND INTERNET CONNECTION CAN DO THE LOTTERY. Experience counts and we have lots of that at all winners centres.

For people living in Buea, our head office is in mile 17 park above Express Exchange besides Musango bus service building. However, we have branches all over Molyko each of them with the above postal and a graceful American flag.



Distance is not a barrier. No matter where you are in the world you can benefit from our services by simply sending us your picture through WhatsApp and we are in business. Also, you can give my phone number to your relations all over the world to contact us.

Contact is +237-677462672. You can also WhatsApp us through the above number and we shall tell you exactly what to do to get that perfect picture.

Stay blessed. Waiting for your messages and calls. Hallelujah.

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