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Dubious CPDM Gangsters In an Empty Rally Trick Ambazonians To Vote In Outlaw Elections



Dubious CPDM Gangsters In an Empty Rally Trick Ambazonians To Vote In Outlawed Elections

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial coordinator of the banned Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has deceived Ambazonians to participate in the disbanded legislative and municipal elections slated for February 09, 2020.

During a champagne-pooping low gathering atmosphere at the independence Square, situated at the heart of Ambazonia’s capital, Buea, slave boy, Peter Mafany Musunge and other high profiled CPDM stooges claimed that the only way to effectively enjoy the recent window dressing special status announced by the terrorist Yaounde regime is to take part in the already outlawed February twin elections.

Mafany Musunge underscored that once those in the Southern Zone vote for the CPDM list, meaningful development will follow suit, claiming that dictator Biya has put in place institutions that will adequately bury their worries.

The so-called elite brainwashed a handful of gullible individuals whom they hired to attend the ceremony not to adhere to calls from patriotic restoration fighters to stay home on the voting day.

Meantime, Ambazonian fighters have continued to fine-tune tactics that will completely shatter the chemistry being implanted by the diabolic French Cameroun occupational forces aimed at coercing their citizens to vote against their will.

They have called on locals to fervently participate in kicking out the 87-year-old power-mongering Biya and his regime out of Ambazonia, by strongly respecting a five-day lockdown of the territory which is expected to Kickstart on February 07.

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