Jailed Consortium leaders Barrister Felix Nkongho and Dr. Fontem Neba have been placed in solitary confinement since July 7th, 2017 as friends, family members and defense cannot visit as they have been banned. It is now 33 days since they have been confined.

Lawyers of the Cameroon Bar Association have openly decried the solitary confinement as it is against the law. Over the weekend in Port Harcourt Nigeria, the President of the African Bar Association in which Barrister Balla is the Vice-Chair issued a call for the Biya regime to release all detained Anglophone persons. They also condemned the solitary confinement of the jailed leaders.

It should be recalled that in French Cameroun, Decree No. 92/052 of 27 March 1992 on the penitentiary system, Article 45 (A) and (B) stipulates that “the disciplinary sanctions which may be imposed on prisoners are the most arduous tasks, of correction for a period of 15 days maximum. Cameroon Common and Civil Law Lawyers say the fact that the jailed leaders of the Consortium have been placed in solitary confinement since July 7th, makes any case against them null and void. However, Cameroun is a country where the standard of the law is not held

As a result of this solitary confinement, reports say Barrister Felix Nkongho and Dr. Fontem Neba are not allowed to move around the prison yard. Dr. Fontem Neba is reportedly being held in a very dark cell. He is sick and breathes with difficulty and a failing sight. Most of their belongings have been confiscated.

Biya Biya and his regime have been engaged over the past months in acts which seek exterminate and subjugate the will of the people of Southern Cameroons to be free. Several Southern Cameroonians have been killed, maimed, abducted and locked up in their jails. Daily abductions and intimidation still continues with the streets covered with Camaras. In fact, there seems to be an undeclared state of ermergency already.

Mark Bareta