Dr. MUNZU AND THE WAR ON SOUTHERN CAMEROONS : The Ramblings of my Restless Thoughts that Must not be Read ! – Dr. R. Fai

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Dr. MUNZU AND THE WAR ON SOUTHERN CAMEROONS : The Ramblings of my Restless Thoughts that Must not be Read !

I have listened to Dr. munzu in an interview in one of Camerooun’s television stations, called the Equinox television.

The first thoughts that crossed my mind were that, while Munzu has a brilliant mind, he is one of those people who continues to put wedges that are nonexistent and prevent a solution to the injustices currently being faced by our people in the Southern Cameroons. Some of our brothers and sisters who have once tasted of soya, have not forgotten its real taste.

Munzu our brother is a theorist who has learnt the white man’s way so well he seems to have forgotten where his allegiance is, and uses words that are meaningless and can be deceitful to drown his own people. He believes the solution to the conflict between Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia and La Republic du Cameroun can be resolved through dialogue where the outcome should be the restoration of an indivisible defunct 1961 Federation.

Munzu seems to reject other options from what should be on the dialogue table, and apparently is savvy to explain the rationale of the rejection by Paul Biya at the beginning of the crisis that the form of state is none negotiable. Munzu argues that not knowing then, what Biya knows now, he will be willing to discuss the form of state. In my opinion, and it is an opinion only, if Biya is willing to discuss the form of State now as Munzu insinuates, because he did not know then what he now knows, then it is possible that he Biya in the near future, knowing what he will know then, will be willing to discuss the terms of the separation between Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun. How much did we have to lose before we get to this stage? Who is fooling who?

So much water my people has passed under the bridge. Not being a physician, I will nonetheless use common sense to agree that once a malignant cancer begins to eat a part of my body, I should allow that part to be cut off just to save my life, if that were possible, rather than die a painful death because I so much love that part of my body. I wouldn’t go any further to explain. Let those who are wise enough to divulged the meaning of my words do so, for when my thoughts are wandering, I may sometimes get confused. That’s what happens to those of us from the Anglophone ” tribe ” who dig into matters that are too complex for our low IQs.

In Munzu’s discussions with the anchorman of the Equinox television program in which he was guest, the learned Doctor believes Restorationists (those advocating for the independence of Southern Cameroons) can not achieve such independence through war. Ha, our low IQs again in play! He says, he is sure that restorationists are aware of this fact, therefore war can not in his view be a solution. Atlas I have something to completely agree with Munzu on. War can not and has never been a solution to any problem. Those who declared war on our people should have taken note.

Dr. Simon Munzu

Dr. Simon Munzu

Excuse me, perhaps due to our low IQs they perhaps thought we will coward and bow down to his Royal majesty the Fon of Fons and the King of kings ! No one should have been oblivious of the fact that war does not resolve anything. Not even President Biya, the man who whose legacy keeps staring him at the face, from the shores of Ambazonia. The man who has not only violated his oath of office several times, but has also declared genocide to the Ambazonian people using an “inconsequential war” that will finally nail him. A man who shouldn’t be ignorant of a basic fact as so stated by the learned Dr. Munzu, a United Nations expert and possible advocate.
Self defense as adopted by Ambazonians was a stop gap measure to prevent the slaughtering of our people while at the same time making it possible for a solution to be diplomatically sort. A solution that was going to resolve this long standing crisis between to “brotherly neighbors”, most importantly because the United Nations was fast asleep while Biya and his team were steering the ship onto the rocks. Self defense unfortunately broke the tights and awoken the world to the Southern Cameroons plight.

Global institutions unfortunately are like fire fighters, I must say. They only go to where there is evidence that a fire has started. This is not hearsay! These are the facts of the real world in which we live. Shame on us some will say! But of course shame on you the international community!

That said, I believe indisputably, that, the only viable option for the two Cameroons is an independent Southern Cameroons and an independent La Republique du Cameroun or something very close to that. A confederation perhaps, but not a federation. Why are we struggling to like each other so hard, knowing fully well how much we are stinking to each other? Let’s stop being disingenuous!

When this crisis began, I wrote an opened letter to President Paul Biya, begging him to listen to the cry of the people of Southern Cameroons or otherwise live for ever to regret. Ha, I didn’t spell it out so bluntly but came close. Unfortunately like many Camerounese who don’t read, he probably never read my urgent missive, written in the Queens language, or perhaps he read it alright but decided to remain an unrepentant Saul. I should have sent him a video, or a photograph of an imaginary war in Amabazonia, thinking about it now. Everyone watches a good video, or at least takes time to look at a frightful photo and draw hurried conclusions. Anyway, so much water has passed under the bridge, so much trust has been lost between our two people. Our people are aching, no matter what naysayers say.

That said, I do agree with Munzu, that we need negotiations (well, Munzu still talks of dialogue, probably he did not see the memo which said we should abandon that as of yesterday). Negotiations will allow us to revisit the scammed 1961 federal union between Southern Cameroons and La Republic du Cameroon, with the goal being that our people should decide what the future should hold for them. That is, in terms of relations with our recalcitrant brothers of the east in their famous La Republique du Cameroun. No one I must argue, should remove from the negotiations table any option of a possible outcome of discussions between our two people. Otherwise no negotiations will be necessary if options are going to be taken away in a manner earlier suggested by Biya (form of state is none negotiable?), and now his chief explaining officer Munzu (the outcome of dialogue being the restoration of the 1961 federation). Otherwise our people will continue to defend homeland no matter how long it takes to ensure that justice revisits Ambazonia.

As Ambazonians/ Ambalanders, we want all options on the table, and we want new wine in new wine skins. Many of those who have been in the system for far too long have been contaminated and need to get out, and allow room for a new generation of leaders who understand the sound beats of the people’s hearts. People who will be accountable to the citizens, and not to an ideology, not to an international institution or foreign government that despises the real wants of our people. I believe Munzu is not paying his allegiance to our people, his allegiance is somewhere else!

Our learned doctors and professors, and the so-called elites should stop likening the conflict in Southern Cameroons to any other global conflict, because every single conflict is a unique animal, and influenced by contingencies that are unlike any other elsewhere, or ever known. No conflict is a copycat of any other, not South Sudan, not Eritrea, not Catalonia, not the Polisario, not any other.

We the people of Southern Cameroons should know that in order to have peace and justice we must be ready to psychologically tackle what needs to be tackled and go the full length if that is what we must do. I will like to repeat that no outcome of this struggle will be like any other, we have heard anywhere else no matter what our learned scholars say. We must reject intellectual dishonesty and political prostitution, and remember that freedom can be achieved only if we want it so badly.

By Dr R. Fai

Otto Ama


  1. Malis

    June 12, 2018 at 4:02 PM

    One of the worst, catastrophic thing in life is to put ones life in another person or peoples hand.

    Never ever judge a person by how much suit they ware or wears not, how much money they got or got not, how much education they have of have not, how much fame, popularity they enjoy or enjoy not, how cute, beautiful, handsome, appealing, nice, humane, … they are or are not.

    Always judge a person by the degree at which they have their lives totally in their hands.

    Never even count on a people that are counting on some other entity even if it’s God, it’s simple, do it your own self and see if it works, why go through them.

    I’m happy that the leaders at the forefront of the Ambazonia restoration movement even though with religious back ground, have finally taken our destiny totally in to their hand and that of our people. Only through such actions can our almighty creator then act through us and free us.

    This entity referenced through the name “MUNZU” is a classical example of how the human mind tries to use book knowledge, empty words with no substance at all, pure sound pressure been utter for his nasty vocal cord and mouth, to paint psychologically into people minds a reality that do not exist in the fabric of reality.

    Why?, simply because his life is in the hands of someone else.

    Not with this generation of Ambazonians. We are marching to the end not matter what obstacles are put on the way.

  2. Papito

    June 12, 2018 at 4:43 PM

    You are going nowhere. I repeat you are going nowhere.
    I listened to the program live on tv and all what Dr. Munzu advocated for and said is the simple truth. Stop castigating him for nothing.
    It is time to stop this useless killings of our youths through the lies you keep broadcasting making them dream of an imaginable country called ambazonia. It will never happen. Get me right ?
    You hide in Europe with your kids schooling and keep fooling poor children at home not to go to school. When some children attempt to go to school you butcher them and burn down the schools. Today you have started kidnapping innocent individuals for ransom. Beware that if you do not stop this foolish kidnapping it will remain for a very long time in our society with thugs perpetrating it growing fat. It all started lie this in Nigeria.
    I expect you to come out and condemn this kidnapping of my brothers and sisters who have committed no crime.
    Fools in the name of ambazonians. Keep dreaming.

    • Betrine Bah Tarke

      June 12, 2018 at 5:50 PM

      you are the biggest fool of your generation to think that AMBAZONIA is just imaginary. The signs are there and if your too blind and dull to see keep quite. Munzu will always support the regime which feeds him is clear if not he will be jobless. It shall be a long fight but we shall win . so useless Cameroonise like should wallow in your miserable lives.

    • Malis

      June 12, 2018 at 6:30 PM

      You are right, I’m going no where because Ambazonia is my homeland.

      But you and some of your people went somewhere, that is Ambaland, and tried to steal it, so you are surely going and definitely going somewhere else.
      We thought you were just trying to run for hunger in LRC, so we Ambazonians said lets help them for their own LRC people are driving them away.

      Then we saw that you are so stupid that you tried to us some of our own stupid people to help you do stupid things like stealing our homeland. We said maybe that is why they drove you for LRC into our Nation Ambazonia.

      So, guest what? We said OK, enough is enough, let go kick their nasty asses out. You see how stupid you are, and now you are telling me I’m going no where, of course I’m at home, silly you.

      You think stealing our motherland and enslaving us will eliminate you arrogance, inferiority complex and bring you praise for you colonial master. Look at the mess you find your self in now, can’t fight, can’t hide, not even God can save you.

      You are been flushed our of Ambazonia and that is why you are here crying like cry babies. keep the good work of crying, we love seeing you crying. Cry more on Equinox TV, it makes more fun to watch that. Right now we are busy taking care of your BIRs.

  3. Amba

    June 12, 2018 at 4:50 PM

    Dr. R. Fair,

    The people of Ambazonia are fighting for total and unconditionally freedom from La Republique Du Cameroun. Confederation is not freedom. There is nothing like partial freedom. You are either free or you are not.

    What makes you even bring up confederation at this time? You seem to lack an appreciation for the pain and suffering our people have and are still enduring. And you qualify francophones as our brothers. Are you for real?

  4. Shillah

    June 12, 2018 at 7:42 PM

    Keep dreaming all of u. Just because u sit in the comfort of ur home abroad doesn’t make u an expert in war. All of u who want this war have no idea of wat war is about. Unfortunately it’s gz who will pay the price of ever listen to u. But in a way it’s good cz once over u guy will never again advocate for another war n people follow ur nonesens. Most of those ambazozo fighting would have never pick up arm if they knew wat they know now. They keep fighting cz it’s easy to start something then stop it. It the try to deserte ADF they will be track n kill as enemy. So they r catch. Stupid ambafool

  5. Bali Nyonga

    June 12, 2018 at 7:45 PM

    Ambazonia will be free. Restoration of our independence is the end point. The Journalist did not ask Dr. Munzu about the existence of Union-Treaty or treaty-of-Union or Act-of-Union or Union-Act that is deposited at the UN when the process is finalized. The map of LRC deposited at the UN on her independence does not include that of Ambazonia, the reason Biya received a gift of two maps from UN during 50th anniversary celebration. The journalist did not ask him this question. By the way, you do not need to be in a federation to seperate into two countries. Western Sahara seceding from Morroco, Somaliland seceding from Somalia and western sudan seceding from Sudan are just some examples of countries that had independence as one entity. Ours is closely similar to East Timor’s from Indonesia and Gambia’s from Senegal. Self determination is a human right even if LRC and Ambazonians had independence as one country. Biafra has a right to self determination just as those I have mentioned above. Let us even pretend that we had independence with them as one entity, it does not negate our righ to separation/secession. The restoration of our independence can only be delayed. Munzu and a handfull of others are on their own with federation with frenchCameroon. Let a referendum decides.

    The choice of the picture of Munzu used in this article depicts him like what we call in the Noble Mungaka language “chengchuh” or “ghahchuh” in some Gemba languages, that is, a fool with saliva/spit oozing out of his mouth.

  6. Mbeuh

    June 12, 2018 at 8:26 PM

    To federalists, unionists and the likes of Munoz, Akere Muna and others who advocate continual enslavement with LRC, let this suffice to reorient your school of thought:

    “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if ONLY they knew they were slaves.” Harriet Tubman

    “People who say it (restoration of southern Cameroon independence) cannot be done should not interrupt those WHO ARE DOING IT.”
    Unknown author.

  7. Sunshine

    June 12, 2018 at 10:24 PM


    Dr. Munzo, good at giving interviews on tv, seems to understand the history of cameroun only to his advantage and biya his master. When biya said cameroun is “one and indivisible,” he MEANT La republique du Cameroun is one and indivisible WITHOUT SOUTHERN CAMEROON!!! Any political science student is able to make that distinction in biya’s statement except the learned professor. Dr. Munzo knows fully well that there is no union treaty between Southern Cameroon and La republique du Cameroun otherwise it will not be La republique du Cameroon today since January 1, 1960 the name they had at independence without Southern Cameroon.

    Secondly, let the learned doctor tell us why any political decision biya has every taken was to the detriment of Southern Cameroonians including this dirty war on Ambazonians now.

    Dr Munzo may never have experienced torture, imprisonment, hunger, neglect, loneliness and snake bites in the forest, but the reality for Southern Cameroonians is, they are being annihilated by biya’s criminal regime slowly and surely under your very eyes and tv interviews. To inform you again, Southern Cameroon is not and has never been part of La republique du Cameroun – learned professor.

  8. Jojo

    June 13, 2018 at 12:32 AM

    You so called Ambazonians are the big loosers of this century. You seems not to know what you want and where you are headed to. Anyone who reason or apply any type of logique that has a potential to benefit you is quickly view as ennemi. You simple hate peace, senses and dialogue; If only you could learn from Trump encounter with Kim of North Korea!!

    • Mbeuh

      June 13, 2018 at 1:00 AM

      I am always reluctant to engage you in any discourse because of your naivety but to place parallels of Trump/Kim encounter with Ambazonia struggle for freedom against LRC is to compare apples & oranges.

  9. Jojo

    June 13, 2018 at 2:45 AM

    My dear @Mbeuh my point is that even enemies can sit down and talk for the good of their people.
    People are being kill and all you do is keep on flexing your muscles. Smart up and stop fighting a loosing fight. There is a moment when a real leader reassess his strategy and come on with a new and reasonable goal. All I see from you for the past two years is the same fail strategy and arrogance.

  10. Monkey Kola

    June 13, 2018 at 5:32 AM

    Why not give an ear to Dr Munzu and stop being naive?

    Biafra with French backing didn’t achieve anything with machine guns and tanks, so did Boko Haram.

    Do we need to arm our other people’s kids with HUNTING guns to understand that we cannot win this war?

    Why are we so WICKED? How many of US in EU, SA and USA can send OUR own kids to the slaughter house?

    It is high time we all come back to earth and face reality. That’s all what Dr Munzu is coding.

  11. Sunshine

    June 13, 2018 at 6:06 AM

    biya gave Ambazonians a bad name to annihilate them

    biya should go ahead and kill all Ambazonians but he should know their blood is on his head and will haunt him and lrc for eternity.
    In 1984 biya connivingly amended the Constitution, which gave the country the original East Cameroon name (The Republic of Cameroon) and thereby erased the identity of the West Cameroonians from the original union. West Cameroon, which had entered the union as an equal partner, effectively ceased to exist.
    Now biya turns around and calls the very people he seceded from terrorist, separatist, secessionist and goes on a rampage to, mime, rape, incarcerate and kills Ambazonians in his arrogance. What this fool has done is to give Southern Cameroonians a bad name in order to hang them. biya will hang all of us in Ambazonia (Southern Cameroon).

  12. Papito

    June 13, 2018 at 8:58 AM

    I am still waiting for you to come out clearly and condemn the kidnapping of my brothers and sisters by your followers.
    Is this the way you aim to leave in your imaginary country ? We never knew this until ambazonians surfaced.
    please call for an end of this kidnappings and tell your followers that it is wrong.

  13. MOG

    June 13, 2018 at 1:56 PM

    Dr. Munzu is living completely in an imaginary world of his own. He is completely out of touch with the feeling of the suffering masses who have seen their homes burnt, loved ones killed, raped, maimed, sent into exile and driven from their habitats. No government on earth has ever done these to its own citizens! The wicked way LRC, championed by Biya and his declaration of this atrocious war on this people is an open or eloquent demonstration that the Anglophones or Southern Cameroonians or British Cameroonians or Ambazonians are not part of his country. The anger, pain and frustration can never be healed through Federation. They seem to have forgotten so soon that their President, our colonizer has budgeted but for his fake Decentralization? Some of these Anglophones carrying the bags of LRC and benefiting from their crumbs are pitiable fools that have ever existed! Those who are still wasting time talking about Federation are those few hopeless Anglophones that are licking the crumbs from the table of LRC. They were since two years ago vomited out by the vast majority of Anglophones. They have completely no control over the war and game plan now. They should just better shut up or remain quiet to be liberated from servitude and slavery! The blood and property lost are not just for some useless Federation that will still identify us with these heartless murderers. Any talking now should be on how and when the UN will organize a REFERENDUM among Anglophones to determine their future.

  14. Papito

    June 13, 2018 at 2:51 PM

    You must have had a very bad and long sleepless night. Why are you preaching hate ?
    I am still waiting for you to come out clearly and condemn the kidnapping of my brothers and sisters by your followers.
    Is this the way you aim to leave in your imaginary country ? We never knew this until ambazonians surfaced.
    please call for an end of this kidnappings and tell your followers that it is wrong.
    Be courageous enough to do so.

  15. Bonie

    June 13, 2018 at 5:09 PM

    The Republic of Ambazonia is here to stay for ever,wake up all those colonial voiceless slaves in French Cameroon,together with those weak,pathetic,unpatriotic Southern Cameroonians living in fear,apartheid,bribery from the biya regime who are sidling,in denial,faking that country is one and indivisible, lrc is a embarrassing dirty, corrupt regressive,shithole country run by dotage murderers men and women still living in the dark ages, unable to empower their youths who migrate abroad in thousands, the thieving embezzling cancer lrc regime uses gun and fire to silence positive change, bribery and corrupt civil servants in the capital and all the regions are still using pen, paper, filling in this technology era,munzu is a nonentity,fat ugly greedy slave dog of irrelevance in this revolution.

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