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Display of General Efang’s Mortal Remains Galvanizes Freedom Movement in Momo County



Display of General Efang’s Mortal Remains Galvanizes Freedom Movement in Momo County

The recent display of the mortal remains of General Efang, a revered commander in the Ambazonian freedom movement, in his native village of Guzang, Momo County, has ignited a wave of resilience and determination among locals and freedom fighters, contrary to the expectations of the colonial regime.

French Cameroun authorities orchestrated the display of General Efang’s corpse in a bid to psychologically weaken the resolve of Ambazonian fighters and the community at large. However, reports from the ground indicate that the strategy has had the opposite effect.

Despite the regime’s attempts to exploit the situation for their benefit, sources reveal that morale among freedom fighters remains remarkably high. General Efang, who was ruthlessly killed two weeks ago after being forcibly removed from a hospital, was hailed as a hero in his village as his mortal remains were laid to rest.

This tactic of displaying the mortal remains of captured fighters is not new in the ongoing conflict between restoration forces and colonial soldiers. The memory of similar displays, such as that of General Field Marsial of the Red Dragons Squad in Kumba, remains vivid in the minds of locals.

However, rather than demoralizing the community, these displays have reinforced the understanding that freedom comes at a significant cost. The resilience displayed by Momo County residents in the face of such tactics underscores their unwavering commitment to the Ambazonian cause.

As the struggle for independence continues, the display of General Efang’s mortal remains serves as a rallying cry for freedom, inspiring renewed determination among Ambazonians to press on until their aspirations for self-determination are realized.

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