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Disgraced Lebialem Bernard Foju Says Youths Drugged By Diaspora








Bernard Foju, disgraced Lebialem elite, also posing as a slave Member of Parliament (MP) in Camerounese parliament, has revealed that the youths of his County like others in Southern Cameroons, have been intoxicated by Cameroonians living abroad. He was speaking Sunday November 19 2017, during a live television programme.

According to Bernard Foju, denizens in Southern and Northern Zones of Southern Cameroons have been brainwashed of a virtual country by people from abroad. He bashed on social media, indicating ‘fake’ news propagated from social media greatly corrupts youths from the two regions.

“People sit abroad and create an unknown state and then force it don the throat of the population. I blame all what is happening to the Northwest and Southwest Regions on social media. A lot of fake news is being propagated from social media. I can say it loud and clear here that the people of Lebialem like other parts of the two regions, have been drugged by information coming from the diaspora,” insinuated Bernard Foju, outlawed Lebialem representative.

Panellists during TV Debate

Quizzed on what he has been doing to quell the growing tension from especially his Lebialem County, Bernard Foju said he has organized ten successful awareness and sensitization trips to Lebialem, listening to the people and also preaching peace and love among his people.

“I have organized ten sensitization campaigns and fact finding missions to my area. I communed with the people and sought out their real problem. They told me it’s a problem of roads and enclave nature of the division. I have gathered their thoughts and demands and handed to hierarchy,” Bernard Foju expounded.

The utterances of Bernard Foju infuriated other panellists who quickly castigated some of the claims of Foju. Some panellists went as far as indicting Bernard Foju for the instability in Lebialem.

“How can he say social media is the course of this uprising? So for over 56 years now, Bernard Foju cannot interpreted the Anglophone problem. This very well indicates that the representatives of the Anglophone regions have been telling a lot of lies to those who matter in solving the crisis. That greatly accounted for the crisis degenerating itself as such,” Prince Michael Ngwesse Ekosso lambasted.

Meantime, one of the panellists used time to explain to explain how slaves of Camerounese parliament can stage a systematic walk out of parliament, to articulate the gravity of the Anglophone problem.

“In 1954, representatives of Southern Cameroons staged a walk out of the Nigerian parliament. Though they belonged to different political parties, they decided to unite as one body to tell the world that Southern Cameroons is not a state in Nigeria. Off course, the world listened to it so well, leading to sweeping changes thereafter. I cannot believe why today our representatives lay divide and rule tactics and not articulating the Anglophone tactics. That must change if we are ever thinking of solving this much heralded Anglophone crisis,” opined Sone Bayern, a news editorialist and publisher.

Bernard Foju remained the biggest joke in the panel when he said those who burnt his house are now asking for penance. Him like other sycophants of la republique du Cameroun, are spearheading negative campaigns that end up in the killing of many denizens of Southern Camerouns. He has no home as his people have warned him never to step foot in Lebialem County.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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