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Disgraced Academic Fraudster Patrick Ekema Dies



Breaking News: Obstacle To Ambazonian Independence; Ekema Patrick Dies

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial mayor of Buea Council, Ekemba Patrick Esunge has died.

The anti-Ambazonian slave boy, sources say died earlier on Sunday, October 27 in a hospital in the colonial country’s economic capital, Douala.

It remains unclear the circumstances that resulted in his death, but speculations are that God cleared him off as an obstacle to the struggle to Ambazonians’ independence. Ambazonians have insinuated that he was poisoned

Since the Ambazonian war of independence escalated two years ago, Ekema Patrick wholeheartedly sided with the Biya regime to impede the progress of the restoration of Ambazonia’s statehood.

When the Ghost town strategy was imposed in January 2017 to economically paralyze the colonial regime, the late Ekema Patrick announced the procurement of 50 township taxis to frustrate any plans by Ambazonian fighters to capture the country’s heartland; Buea.

Some locals say his demise is a sign of relief given that he forced them at gunpoint to disobey laws of the land and open up their business centers on ghost town and lockdown days.

The last outing of the former colonial mayor of Buea was on Monday, October 20 where he was caught on camera demolishing Mobile Money Kiosks of civilians, most of whom barely have what to feed on, owing to the high cost of living in the town.

Media reports hold that the bloodthirsty Ekema had been using “juju” (mystical powers) to delay the Ambazonian struggle of independence.

Popular opinion from denizens of Buea and elsewhere across the territories of Ambazonia suggests that the “juju” Ekema had reportedly been using has backfired against him.

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