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Dictator Biya’s Republican Troops Go Unrepublican



Dictator Biya’s Republican Troops Go Unrepublican

By Mbah Godlove

Anger and frustration have continued to grow in Amazonians over pro-dictator Biya’s protest organized across two French Cameroun cities. Abdul Karim on the move had this to say. “Over 20,000 SC killed in cold blood but no protests from a people who claim to be brethren. Comically, youths of French Cameroon storm the French embassy in Yaounde to protest against President Macron’s declaration on the Southern Cameroons problem”

Following loud criticisms from France’s President, Emmanuel Macron over the dictatorial leadership of 87 year-old autocrat, Paul Biya, the country’s military, notorious for cracking on protesters were seen in an unrepublican manner supporting hungry Biya supporters who flooded the streets of Yaounde and Douala on February 24, 2020. They were later given bread and sardine to eat after the so called protest.

Monday’s colonial Military action left many an Ambazonian worried and amazed to know the brutal forces of French Cameroun could exercise such ironical professionalism.

Debates across Southern Cameroons are focused on the unruly crackdown of Ambazonian protesters on September 22 and October 1, 2017 where hundreds of denizens were brutally mutilated with others killed.

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  1. Mukong

    February 25, 2020 at 5:37 PM

    “They were later given bread and sardine to eat after the so called protest”. Does this not speak volumes of these nincompoops and why we can never have anything to do with them? They take pride in celebrating murderers sent to terrorize Ambazonians by calling them professional soldiers while at the same time dare to disparage the very french leeches that feed them.

  2. Felix Bongjoh

    February 26, 2020 at 12:57 PM

    Which accountability are you talking about? To which people? Republique du Cameroun (former East Cameroun) or Ambazonia (former West Cameroon)? Has Dictator Biya ever been accountable to any of his peoples? Whoever democratically elected Paul Biya in the first place after his well-known loss to Fru Ndi in 1992? There are two Cameroo(ou)ns, East Cameroun (originally independent since January 1, 1960 until today as La Republique du Cameroun [LRC] and Southern Cameroon independent as West Cameroon since October 1, 1961 and today AMBAZONIA.
    You should therefore be referring to “sovereign peoples” as per their respective UN-sanctioned independence on January 1, 1960 and October 1, 1961 respectively. Accordingly, Biya has scored no point in the Ambazonian crisis. Your scorecard, for all practical intents and purposes, should read “Biya 0, Macron 1”. Biya lost legimacy over West Cameroon (Ambazonia) since November 30, 2017, when he officially declared and lost a war against Ambazonia. For he subsequently did not meet his two-week to six-month deadline to wipe Ambazonia off the world geographical map. The dictator further failed when his Grand Monologue and Special Status Strategy were both rejected as far short of AMBAZONIA’S OUTRIGHT INDEPENDENCE AND SOVEREIGNTY. As an independent nation, Ambazonia has so far only been entitled to an unclear, foggy status, which the UN and Britain must now disambiguate and redress once and for all for international security, stability and everlasting peace.
    In a memo which the de facto President of LRC, Mr Ferdinand Ngo Ngo, recently indirectly addressed to the international community via tweeter in reaction to Mr. Emmanuel Macron’s public statement to a journalist in France about genocide in Ambazonia, Paul Biya’s Interim Officer tries to make the naïve point that the French President is intruding into LRC’s internal affairs. Really? Is Ferdinand Ngo Ngo that naïve? Is he trying to deceive the international community into believing that France is not actively involved in the Ambazonian war? Who in the first place is fueling the war in Ambazonia, if not France? Without France, the war would not have lasted even for a single month, as the more skillful Ambazonian freedom fighters would have disarmed cowardly BIR soldiers, who go after vulnerable civilians and even domestic animals instead of facing the music of real soldiers on the conventional battlefront.
    In spite of their extensive and intensive training by the French and the Israelis, LRC’s BIR terrorists have proven to be no disciplined soldiers on the ground in the same manner as the Ambazonian freedom fighters have largely demonstrated themselves to be. As a major actor, who has backed Paul Biya all along, France has every right to resort to its conscience by openly admitting that genocide is occurring in Ambazonia. Mr. Macron has thus scored a point. Hence the logical scorecard: Biya 0, Macron 1.
    Biya has been repeatedly told by the international community that he cannot win a war against a self-determined Ambazonia. No, he cannot win such a war because the Ambazonian people independent as per UN records since October 1, 1961, all know from baby to adult that Ambazonia is an independent and sovereign nation, requiring only a peaceful arrangement on a negotiation table formally separating them from the oppressive monster of LRC that has so far been trying to devour it but unsuccessfully.
    By resorting to full-scale genocide already documented on the ground since bloody skirmishes begun in 2016 escalated into a full-fledged war, LRC forgets that it cannot win such a war against a people unfairly choked for over half a century. The ties that bind an oppressed people for centuries are too strong to be severed by a dictator overnight. The oppressed people have now asserted themselves IRREVERSIBLY to be AMBAZONIA and you cannot take away that God-given right of that people to lay claim to their homeland. The ongoing war has been caused by the myth which Ahmadou Babatoura Ahidjo dishonestly and coercively created on the minds of some that there was a single nation called Cameroo(ou)n, a complete falsehood that has grown over the years into a volcano. The volcano has just exploded with the ongoing war, its magma still warm and spilling over.

    • Mbeuh

      February 26, 2020 at 7:10 PM

      @Felix Bongjoh
      Spot-on! A regime so desperate and out of steam they resort to their age old-fashioned bribery (1500 frs) to school kids to stage a dance they call protest in support of France’s stooge, Biya. Elsewhere today, the hypocrite Maurice Kamto is calling for the reconstruction of what he calls the Northwest and Southwest, acting as a unifier. I just wonder, when will it get to the skull of these idiots that Southern Cameroon can and shall govern itself and that their handouts are NOT asked for or needed. They should just leave our territory, period.

  3. Felix Bongjoh

    February 26, 2020 at 10:28 PM

    MAURICE KAMTO THE OPPORTUNIST. Who is Maurice Kamto to champion the reconstruction of Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) destroyed by the same government he worked for in senior-level positions to sustain its pervasive corrupt apparatus for at least seven years? When Biya built up BIR forces over the years to ruthlessly suppress any form of protest from the masses for whatever reason, he was gloriously serving as a high-level member of LRC’s government.
    On no occasion did he openly criticize LRC’s heavy-handedness in dealing with popular discontent and uprising, nor did he come up with any concrete measures, as an ordinary good citizen, to help curb crime and corruption in LRC, which are two major pillars that must be tackled vigorously, if governance in LRC must be improved. He helped Mr Biya to put in place as many inadequately equipped prisons as possible, whose standards fall far short of those recommended by Human Rights norms. Kamto was Mr. Paul Biya’s Minister Delegate to the minister of Justice from 2004 to 2011, when he resigned not necessarily in the interest of the people he was supposed to serve, but on account of his own political ambitions.
    For quite some time now, Maurice Kamto has been exploring the possibility of mobilizing population groups against some hard core Bassa-based UPC politicians in order to make inroads into a fluid political situation giving rise to empty slogans, such as “renaissance”. He is simply taking advantage of a crumbling system, which he himself helped to build. He raises his voice under the pretext that he is a messiah sent to deliver citizens of LRC of the very evils which he himself contributed to. But logically speaking, Kamto has no spectacular clear-cut economic development agenda significantly different from the mediocrity the Biya government has so far been delivering. In fact, it was the Minister he worked closely with, Mr Ahmadou Ali, who famously referred to Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians) as two cubes of sugar. Where was he when the monstrous system was building up itself into the repressive machine that was to be subsequently used to brutally massacre Southern Cameroonian students in Buea and Bamenda?
    Let those demonstrating at the French embassy today in La Republique du Cameroun realize that they are doing so on behalf of the opposition in La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) led by Maurice Kamto, and, by no means, on behalf of Ambazonia. In fact, they are all enemies of Ambazonia, as none of them carries the Ambazonian flag. Ambazonia has a much clearer and simpler message for France, which can be delivered at major French embassies and diplomatic missions throughout the world at the appropriate moment.
    The message will be that Ambazonia has long been self-governing with robust socio-economic infrastructure and strong institutions capable of effectively channeling the energies of millions of Ambazonians into a development program that works in a transparent environment and serves as a model for the region. Ambazonians do not need to go Yaounde now to make any point to France, which knows the territory of Ambazonia very well. France knows virtually every corner of Ambazonia, where it has constantly helped Mr. Paul Biya and his terrorist BIR forces to terrorize Ambazonians on their territory. France is aware of and has often taken part in most of the atrocities committed by LRC in Ambazonia. That is the simplest message Ambazonians can convey to France without having to be part of a Kamto-engineered self-serving demonstration aimed at perpetuating Ambazonia’s servitude in LRC.
    That servitude is over now and will never happen again. Long live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Long live La Republique du Cameroun. Long live two neighboring countries doomed to cooperate with each other in order to promote their common economic interests and foster regional development.

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