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Dictator Biya’s Republican Troops Go Unrepublican



Dictator Biya’s Republican Troops Go Unrepublican

By Mbah Godlove

Anger and frustration have continued to grow in Amazonians over pro-dictator Biya’s protest organized across two French Cameroun cities. Abdul Karim on the move had this to say. “Over 20,000 SC killed in cold blood but no protests from a people who claim to be brethren. Comically, youths of French Cameroon storm the French embassy in Yaounde to protest against President Macron’s declaration on the Southern Cameroons problem”

Following loud criticisms from France’s President, Emmanuel Macron over the dictatorial leadership of 87 year-old autocrat, Paul Biya, the country’s military, notorious for cracking on protesters were seen in an unrepublican manner supporting hungry Biya supporters who flooded the streets of Yaounde and Douala on February 24, 2020. They were later given bread and sardine to eat after the so called protest.

Monday’s colonial Military action left many an Ambazonian worried and amazed to know the brutal forces of French Cameroun could exercise such ironical professionalism.

Debates across Southern Cameroons are focused on the unruly crackdown of Ambazonian protesters on September 22 and October 1, 2017 where hundreds of denizens were brutally mutilated with others killed.

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