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Diagnosing the IRIC Corruption Saga: Original vs Controversial list, Added vs dropped names and the Anglophone factor



Admission scandal has once again rocked the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) .On Friday evening, a panel of thirteen members including senior lecturers of the institution such as professors Alain Didier Olinga, Adolphe Minkoa She, Jean-Emmanuel Pondi and Pascal Messanga Nyamding published a list of duly admitted students read over CRTV severally.
A second list appeared the next day with candidates whose names had appeared on the official list and read over national radio disappearing.The first list included 15 admitted students and a waiting list comprising 4 names. The second list that also had 15 students however did not have a waiting list attached to it. In addition, some candidates from the waiting list were surreptitiously declared admitted.
Reports say the scandal involves CPDM bigwigs between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Presidency of the Republic. Some sources have observed that the Director of IRIC, Pierre-Emmanuel Tabi was stunned by the scandal.
A. Original list
1. Mebe Nkoulou Lionel Theirry
2. Nti Estelle Nadia.
3. Oyoua Bigfarm Belinga Ludovic Martin
4. Tambolo Sake Marie Salome.
5. Mebenga Lucien Theirry.
6. Ngoa Ntonga Joseph.
7. Oyono Ottou Didier Herve.
8. Hadidjatou Haman.
9. Tsadja Celestine.
10. Beti Mfoumuou
11.Ayuk Marguerite Josiane
12.Ebenye Ngale Mispa.
13.Minka Minyem Joseph.
14.Simeu Njoko Brice Cardeau
15. Nnomo Zanga Dominuque Williams Arnold.
B. Controversial list
1. Mebe Nkoulou Lionel Thierry
2. Oyoua Bigfarm Belinga Ludovic Martin
3.Tambolo Sake Marie Salome
4.Ngoa Ntonga Joseph
5.Hadidjatou HamanTchiduto
6.Tsadja Celestine.
7.Beti Mfoumuou
8.Ebenye Ngale Mispa
9.Nnomo Zanga Dominique Williams Arnold
10. Ebongue Manga Christine Gaelle.
11.Bouhari Alim
12.Babilah Bobmia Blandine.
13.Iddi Ahmed
14.Mokwe Welisane Ngoneh.
15.Mofoi sampson.
C. Names added.
1. Ebongue Manga Christine Gaelle.
2..Bouhari Alim
3. Babilah Bobmia Blandine.
4. Iddi Ahmed
5. Mokwe Welisane Ngoneh.
6. Mofoi sampson.
D. Names dropped
1. Nti Estelle Nadia
2. Oyono Ottou Didier Herve
3 Ayuk Marguerite Josiane
4. Mebenga Lucien Theirry.
5. Minka Minyem Joseph.
6..Simeu Njoko Brice Cardeau.
Reporters comment. This reporter holds it as truth that, the names of the six added names just after a day the original list was published must have involved huge corruption. These persons must have their parents in one of the top government circles or huge amount of millions must have passed hands. It seems nowadays all admissions into these schools goes to the highest bidder and the most top and influential government officials. I can say with authority here that a case in point is the recently added name Mokwe Welisane Ngoneh, his father is a Justice and former board Chairperson of ENAM.Who knows of the position held by the parents of the other candidates added. This must stop.There should be a thorough investigation.Share if you want to stop corruption.
The Anglophone factor is glaring, no need talking much on that again.
God is still saying something.

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