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Developing story: Unmasking the local faces behind Kumbo massacre







Developing story: Unmasking the locals face behind Kumbo massacre
Torture and mass destruction by forces of LRC in kumbo: Faces behind the mask that connived with the enemy to kill and destroy our people.

BaretaNews can now confirmed with certainty that, three retired military officers and a journalist, facilitated the work of the enemy against thier own people on the 30th of September and 1st of Oct 2017 in kumbo
Wirnkar Gilbert retired gendarm living at Saint Augustin Junction, retired Adjudant chef Roman’s living at BBH quarters, and retired Sergent Oliver Mbivwong, living at kikaikom, have been identified as the three sons of Nso land who help in organizing the mayhem that their people went through on September 30th and Oct. 1st 2017.
It has equally been established that at the level of information and identification of victims that were attacked during the operations, was a journalist TANGWA Lawrence identified as propomoter of one of the local community radios in the kumbo area.

As strategy, it is known some locals were masked with military outfits to accompany the forces of LRC, majority of whom were brought in from Yde knowing little or nothing about the terrain of kumbo.
These locals helped in driving these enemies through the neighborhoods and identifying the houses of the citizens whose crimes were nothing other that demanding for their freedom.

Among the clearly identified local actors, were, Anthony popularly known as Bybone, living around conner water driver of one of the military trucks, wirndzerem Aoudou Karajan business man, popularly known as Alhadji Aoudou, living at house quarters, Saghen sule, bar tender at park palace hotel living around Brigade quarters, Yerima Sah living around conner water, Alhadji Rufai, a business man living at Kiyan road, chin Peter a retired gendarm officer living at Kiyan, Wirnkar Patrick, president of the Kiyan cooperative credit union living at Kiyan, Mallam Adamou Foka living at Mbveh, Mr fonlon Roland living along the road leading to shisong, FAI Sadam, the family head of the Bamkov family. Fonyuy Jean Claude vice principal of GBHS kikaikelaki living at Saint Augustin Junction.

BaretaNews got it that, Saint Augustin Junction that registered two deaths, was ordered by Mr Francis Fonye technical adviser to the Prime Minister who was present and was served with information on the target enemies by Fonyuy Jean Claudia and Wirnkar Gilbert.

Bareta news has established, that the forces of LRC assigned for death in kumbo enjoyed the comfort and support of some Nso ladies who advice and provided food for them popular among whom were Lukong Mary popularly known as sub-one, Lukong Mary known as Tiger, and Lukong Alice known to have a junior brother who is a captain of the BIR

Kongso Bernard Jr.
Reporting for BaretaNews

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