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Detect Ayah Ayah On Batibo Staged Video: Propaganda Minister Got To Tell Us





Let’s be honest: there are no saints on GZ in both Waring camps. None of both camps has immaculate disciples. But this video supposedly from Batibo is very questionable and unless the propaganda minister who was first to display it online is picked up and questioned as to how he came about it (who sent it to him and for what purpose) it would be very unfair to draw any conclusions.

However, anyone who observes the video footage very keenly with the eye of an eagle will question whether or not the victim actually died. She/he shows little or no signs of someone about to shipped to heaven/hell against his/her will. Even the Christ resisted death with all the heavenly assurances He was given regarding life after death.

I’ll advise everyone to take a keen look at the gunshot incident on that video over and over again. The victim doesn’t move one bit after ‘taking’ a bullet (if at all any bullet was shot; it may be mere gunpowder). Neither do we see any trace of blood nor hear any manner of screams be it for fright or pain. More importantly, even the victims head that was suspended neither moves nor drops after a gunshot. Very unlikely, in fact, impossible.

If the bullet penetrated the victims skin, his/her head and/or legs would have moved or dropped. The head stayed stiff as the kept filling the soil into the grave and at a certain point of the filling, the head appeared to move towards the surface, possibly to prevent suffocation.

And the guy filling in the soil, if the intention was to bury the victim, why would he keep reducing the soil he poured into the grave from the victims head position, sending it downwards to the feet? Coincidence or going according to script?

And a lesser but not-to-be ignored point is the fact that the author of the video doesn’t pay allegiance to any group. It can be anybody’s crime. All he says is ‘black-leg’ which could go either way although in the context of the war, its usage more often than not, is customary, one way.

I’m surprised he who was first to post this video is yet to answer the hard questions even under permissible duress, every civilised society’s custodians would have already made him do, regarding the source of that video…


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