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Denizens Pay Price of Kumba Road Multiple Colonial Control Posts




Denizens Pay Price Of Kumba Road Multiple Colonial Control Posts

By Mbah Godlove

Users of the Buea/Kumba stretch of the road say donning that path has not been a good experience since the outset of the Ambazonian War of Independence.

This, the travelers say is owing to multiple colonial control posts on the said stretch of road.

The fare from Buea to Kumba before the war was a thousand francs but it is now 2500 francs, more than two times the initial cost.

A denizen who traveled through the road Tuesday, November 8 told BN that there are in all 8 colonial checkpoints on that short strip of road.

At each of the said control posts, our source revealed, that driver pays 500 francs. This is not all, the uniformed men seize money from passengers as well.

Anyone who does not comply is held back and the driver asked to go, our source intimated.

Apart from the fact that drivers have transferred the burden of settling the numerous control points onto denizens, the population is also decrying extortion from French Cameroun soldiers on the Buea/Kumba road.

The exploitation of the said road is just one of several illegal means used by regime forces to feed from the ongoing war for freedom.

The people are calling on the Restoration Army Commanders in the areas concerned to do something before the situation soon goes out of hand.

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