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CRTV Buea Station Manager Orders Governor To Put Buea On Red Alert










The Fear of Ambazonia Elements; Crtv Station Manager Orders Governor to Put Buea on Red Alert

The Station manager of Crtv Mount CameroUn FM Buea, in a service note to the colonial Governor of Buea, has appealed for a security beef up at the premises of Crtv Buea. As if he is the Chief Security officer of the region, the Station manager also commanded the colonial Governor, Mr. Okalia Bilai, to put the entire Buea on a security alert.

The note to the colonial agent was a reaction to what the station manager referred to as; “telephone threats from Ambazonia elements.” According to the manager, an unidentified caller had on Monday, July 26, 2018, at 7 AM threatened his Chief of Service for Programs and Information.

“His message was frightful; they are coming to Buea to kidnap the Divisional Officer for Buea, the Governor and take over Crtv” the station manager cried out. “I therefore appeal to you to reinforced security at Crtv South West and put the whole City on the Alert” he conclude.

BaretaNews takes notice of fear and panic imbedded in the heart of the station, as he has not only appealed for a reinforcement of security at Crtv Buea, but has commanded the colonial Governor to put the entire City on the Alert. This is proof to the fact that the self-defense movements are achieving their objectives – instilling fear in the hearts of colonial agents and administrators, and also making Ambazonia ungovernable for them.

It is however funny for the colonial agents to think that Restoration forces will announce any of such plans of theirs – that’s coming into Buea, through threats to a Crtv staff. If Restoration forces are storming Buea, they will come at a time no one least expected.

Buea, is the political capital of Ambazonia, and Buea is the strategic destination of the Ambazonian revolution. So, whether security is beefed up there or not, the town will finally fall under the check and conduct of the revolution. Ambazonians are committed to this task and shall be successful in it.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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