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The Ministry of Higher Education has designated a colloquium to show case the humanitarian activities of the First Lady, Chantal Biya’s. According to the budget, this will cause the state a whopping 65,505,365. The colloquium is billed to run from November 1 to 3rd 2016 at University II in Soa in the Mefou Afamba Division. We are told the idea was nursed by Prof Joel Narcisse Meyolo.

It is disheartening to read that a group of greedy men will sit and designed an event just to sit and discuss the humanitarian activities of the First Lady when the country runs dry of so many common necessities. These officials are only interested in lining their pocket with money. In the Cameroons, state officials uses every means legally possible to steal money from the state.

The projected budget is broken down as follows: Communication: FCFA 30,405,000, Feeding: FCFA 9,000,000, allowances to resource persons and members of the organizing committee: FCFA 18,000,000, transportation and lodging of invitees FCFA 8,100,385.Different Ministries and other Government departments have been contacted to bankroll the event- the post newspaper reported.

The post notes that the organizers will have a free hall in Soa with a good public address system. The resource persons will come from the university community in Yaounde, so, why are they allocating huge sums of money for them?

Joel Narcisse Meyolo, the brain behind the project hails from Nanga Eboko as Chantal Biya,
BaretaNews learnt the whole show was intended to award the First Lady an Honorary Doctorate Degree but rather changed to a Colloquium to celebrate the first lady humanitarian activities. Now, BaretaNews think it is not a bad idea celebrating people while still alive but the amount exhibited is too high and very vexing to a country where the CPDM government has stagnated for so long.

It is our hope that this event be entirely scrapped for such an economic scam

God is still saying something.

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