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CPDM Launches Campaign In Ambazonia Capital State, Buea



CPDM Launches Campaign In Ambazonia Capital State

In a live Facebook show currently being broadcast by MIMI MEFO INFO, the banned CPDM party is launching its campaign in Bongo Square Buea under very tight security with French Cameroun Forces in ready combat mode.

French Cameroun elections are due to take place across the Cameroons on February 9th. Ambazonia Forces have responded by declaring a lockdown on February 7-12th as well as calling on all and sundry to stay away from any campaigns and/or voting.
Former colonial Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge is leading the delegation in Buea. This is happening at a time in several communities, villages are being burnt by French Cameroun Forces.

Political pundits say, CPDM and any other party may succeed in few cities in Ambazonia under very tight security but in villages, communities that constitute over 80 percent of Ambazonia, it will be difficult thus making the elections useless in Ambazonia.

Mark Bareta

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